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    Tunisia | In action since 2011

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Professor Amel Saffar

Our proudest moment of the past year:
When we generated enough sales to be able to do an eyeglasses distribution, based on our business model of 1 pair of eyeglasses sold, 1 pair of eyeglasses offered.

Biggest challenge from the past year:
Engineering a viable system that transforms rain water into potable water, and selling it to those who need it.

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Asma became a member of the team one year ago after learning from others at university about Enactus and its “amazing impact” on the community. “I’m a driven person who works hard to attain my goals,” she says. “The ability to overcome obstacles and follow things through to completion has always been a strong point of mine.” At first, Asma found it challenging to balance her studies, personal life and Enactus work; learning how to manage her time is a lesson that will benefit her through her life, she says. A management major, she plans to graduate in 2019.

More about Asma:

  • What I’m reading: ‘First Sight,” by Danielle Steel
  • Theme song: “Rag ‘n’ Bone Man,” by Human
  • Who inspires me: My mother
  • Enactus in one word: Family.
  • Best Enactus moment: “The moment we won the national competition.”
  • In five years, I will be … “a successful woman and a professor, leading a non-governmental organization in Africa.”

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Thanks to its accomplishments, Enactus is a famous club at his university, Riadh says. He’d heard a lot about its members and their work, and he joined one year ago because it appealed to his “sense of duty and [motivation] to improve the life situation of people through social entrepreneurship.”  He’s proud that membership in Enactus carries with it the power to make positive change — particularly for the factory owner who now produces the team’s eyeglasses, turning around his business in the process. He plans to graduate this year with an accounting degree.

More about Riadh:

  • What I’m reading: “No Excuses! The Power of Self-Discipline,” by Brian Tracy
  • Theme song: “Never Give Up,” by Sia
  • Who inspires me: My grandfather
  • Enactus in one word:  Family.
  • Best Enactus moment: “The moment we won the national competition.”
  • In five years, I will be … “an accounting expert and a professor, traveling around the world to explore new places and working with a [a large organization, such as] the United Nations.”

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