• Institute of Economy and Trade
    of Tajik State University of Commerce

    Tajikistan | In action since 2000

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Faculty advisor(s):
Dalerjon Mirpochoev, Co-Enactus Advisor, Associate Professor; Ayubjon Yusupov, Primary Enactus Advisor, Professor; and Azizakhon Kalonova, Co-Enactus Advisor, Assistant Professor

Our proudest moment of the past year:
“Improving a large number of beneficiaries’ lives.”

Biggest challenge from the past year:
“The distrust of many beneficiaries in realization of the projects and that the level of their lives will be better.”

Team described in one word:

Get to Know Us:

Tahmina has a background in charity projects through American Councils and US Embassy Grants. This led her to the idea to work with the Enactus team at her university, so she could continue to impact more lives through service. Tahmina is a World Economy major set to graduate in 2020. Through Enactus, Tahmina has learned how to be more patient from working with people from all backgrounds. At Enactus World Cup this year, Tahmina is looking forward to getting new ideas from other teams based on different problems happening around the world that her team could implement within their community.


More about Tahmina:

  • What I’m reading: “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Brontë
  • Theme song: “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars
  • Who inspires me: Shamil Alyautdinov
  • Enactus in one word:  Unity.
  • Best Enactus moment: “Selling the laundry pins and feeling good after we raised the money.”
  • In five years, I will be… “better than today.”

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After just one year on his Enactus team, Alisher serves as the IT Specialist who created the video presentation that helped his team win their National Competition this year. “The biggest challenge was when the video was rendering, and I was trying to be the conductor of the speakers,” says Alisher, a finance and credit major set to graduate in 2020. Alisher hopes to learn more about Enactus at World Cup and share the new ideas he has with Uzbekistan, the neighboring country, and start an Enactus community there.


More about Alisher:

  • What I’m reading: “How to Get Rich” by Donald Trump
  • Theme song: “Fight Back” by Neffex
  • Who inspires me:  Mark Zuckerburg
  • Enactus in one word:  Opportunities
  • Best Enactus moment: “When my team won the Enactus National Cup.”
  • In five years, I will be… “a zillionaire.”

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