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Faculty advisor(s):
Master Veronica Gomez

Our proudest moment of the past year:
Our proudest moment EVER was when we first won third place in the Enactus Mexico National Competition.

Biggest challenge from the past year:
The economic situation of the Mexico, where there have been budget cuts. We have resolved it with the commitment of each member of the team, contributing ideas how to carry our objectives to the different communities.

Team described in one word:

Get to Know Us:

Daniela is a student in Tourist Administration who anticipates graduating in 2020. She has been involved with Enactus for two years and serves as the team’s Captain. Daniela says her biggest success is knowing that she and her team have positively impacted communities where water is a tremendous issue.

More about Daniela:

  • What I’m reading: “Four Agreements” by Miguel Angel Ruiz Garcia
  • Theme song:  “All You Need is Love” by The Beatles
  • Who inspires me:  Steve Jobs
  • Enactus in one word:  Commitment
  • Best Enactus moment: Winning the Enactus Mexico National Championship
  • In five years, I will be… “…living in a better world.”


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Jose is a Biology student from Tlaxcala who anticipates graduating in 2021. He has been an Enactus member for four years and serves as the team’s Project Leader. Jose believes he represents his team well because he is passionate about each UN Global Goal and seeks to solve Mexico’s water problems.

More about Jose:

  • What I’m reading: “How to Be a Leader” by Daniel Goleman
  • Theme song: “Heal the World” by Michael Jackson
  • Who inspires me:  Gandhi
  • Enactus in one word:  Challenge
  • Best Enactus moment: Winning National Championship
  • In five years, I will be… “…recognized as a social fighter with innovation ideas that help to change the world.”


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