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Project Highlight:

Secondhand bookstores have an important role in Korea’s history and the Enactus team at Yonsei University decided they wanted to work with them to ensure their role in the future. They focused their efforts on a selection of stores in Cheonggyecheon Peace Market’s Secondhand Book Street, a section of Dongdaemun Market where booklovers can find anything from first edition Korean masterpieces to hard to find comics and magazines. With competition from large bookstores and e-books, the stores were suffering so the team came up with a concept to innovate their model and build excitement in the transaction: Flutterbox gives bookstore owners the opportunity to curate books individually for customers, who receive a surprise box, not knowing what book is inside. To build awareness of and traffic to the bookstore street, the team also launched a partnership with the Seoul Metropolitan Library to hold a biannual book festival. Since the launch, the team’s initiative has earned more than $40,000 in revenue and directly improved the operations of nine bookstores.

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Our proudest moment of the past year:

Biggest challenge from the past year:
Preparing for the National Competition and building our team’s confidence in our projects and their impact

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Get to Know Us:

Right before Yeonju left Korea to study abroad in Canada, she saw some information about the Enactus team on campus and was immediately drawn to the opportunity to, as the poster outlined, help change the world with her own hands. During her year away, she didn’t forget about Enactus and she applied to join the team as soon as she got back. One year and one month later, she calls it the best decision of her life. Currently, she manages their Seesaw project, which they will present at World Cup, as well as being in charge of the team’s World Cup plans. As they work hard to prepare for their trip to Toronto, she is excited about the opportunity to meet other Enactus teams from around the world.

More about Yeonju

  • Book she’s currently reading: Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh
  • Her personal theme song: Break Away by Kelly Clarkson
  • One person who inspires her: Yuna Kim
  • Enactus in one word: Commitment
  • Single best Enactus moment: When my project raised over $10,000 on Korea’s largest crowdfunding website
  • In five years, she will be…working hard to have a positive influence on society

Connect with Yeonju:
Instagram: www.instagram.com/waawesomeday

After a friend, who was very involved and active with the team, suggested that Minki learn more about Enactus and consider getting involved, he reached out to learn more. He felt an instant connection to the mission and the people involved, and now, two years later, is one of the most passionate people in the group. As a senior member, he keeps the team focused on action and ensures they never give up on a good idea but look for an alternative solution instead. As he looks ahead to representing his country at the Enactus World Cup, he is excited about meeting other active students from around the world and discussing ideas and their shared vision for a better world.

More about Minki:

  • Book he’s currently reading: Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis
  • His personal theme song: Hand in Hand, the 1988 Seoul Olympics theme song
  • One person who inspires him: My grandmother
  • Enactus in one word: Development
  • Single best Enactus moment: Winning the national competition
  • In five years, he will be…a successful businessman with a warm heart

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