• Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology (JOOUST)

    Kenya | In action since 2017

Project Highlights:

Team Profile:

Students involved

Past WC appearances

Faculty advisor(s):
Merrilyn K Chizanga

Our proudest moment of the past year:
Attending Enactus World Cup 2018.

Biggest challenge from the past year:
Financial constraints. We applied for grants, wrote funding proposals to organizations and contributed amongst ourselves to fund our projects.

Team described in one word:

Get to Know Us:

Brian is a Computer Security and Forensics student from Busia, Kenya. He has been involved with Enactus for three years and serves as the team’s IT Specialist and Presenter. Brian says the biggest challenge of his Enactus experience has been the collision between classwork, clubs and activities. He came up with a schedule to manage his time and activities.

More about Brian:

  • What I’m reading:  “The Spark” by Dooso Radido
  • Theme song:  “A Mother’s Love” by Gena Hill
  • Who inspires me:  My dear mommy, Mediatrix. She has never given up and always stood with me no matter what! I must make her the proudest women ever.
  • Enactus in one word: Transforming
  • Best Enactus moment: Participating in Enactus World Cup 2018.
  • In five years, I will be… “…a world-class humanity defendant activist and a motivational speaker who will always voice the voice of the voiceless and foster for human rights.”


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Elizabeth is from Kisumu, Kenya and receiving her Bachelor of Science in Computer Security and Forensics. She has been involved with Enactus the past two years and serves as the team’s Project Leader. Elizabeth’s biggest challenge through Enactus has been uncooperative community members during training and outreaches. To solve this, she usually encourages her team to carry all necessary tools and materials to explain and illustrate the project well.

More about Elizabeth:

  • What I’m reading:  “Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking” by Christopher Hadnagy
  • Theme song:  “One Desire” by Lenny Leblanc
  • Who inspires me:  My eldest sister, Mary
  • Enactus in one word:  Empowering
  • Best Enactus moment: Attending community outreaches and interacting with various community members.
  • In five years, I will be… “…a great entrepreneur creating jobs for a large number of people.”


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