• Federal Institute of Ceará, Iguatu Campus

    Brazil | In action since 2014

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Faculty advisor(s):
Maria Eliane Holanda Coelho, MSc; Maria Núbia Lucena Gomes, MSc; Kelvio Felipe dos Santo, MSc

Our proudest moment of the past year:
Becoming Champion of the fourth Nufarm Prize, Conscience and Ethics in the Agribusiness of 2016.

Biggest challenge from the past year:
Optimizing the resources available to generate food for our beneficiaries.

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The passion for the values of Enactus regional coordinators inspired Joice to join the Enactus club at her university. Three years later, she has become its Project Leader. “I was afraid to express myself, says Joice,” who anticipates graduating this year with a degree in irrigation and drainage technology. “Enactus afforded me [the opportunity]to lose all of my fears and enabled me to always try, and that’s what I’ve been doing.” Joice says she hopes to acquire knowledge of new cultures and experience the culture of each participating team at Enactus World Cup, where all participants are striving for the same goal: progress in communities.

More about Joice:

  • What I’m reading: “The Shack,” by Wm. Paul Young
  • Theme song: “Castle on the Hill,” by Ed Sheeran
  • Who inspires me: Her family
  • Best Enactus moment: “Our team being the National Champion of Brazil.”
  • In five years, I will be…”cropping the fruits [for which] I’ve planted the seeds.”

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Three years ago, Kevin came to campus in search of personal and professional growth. He became involved with Enactus after encountering regional coordinators of Enactus Brazil who were promoting the program on campus. Today, one of his greatest successes with the team has been overcoming his greatest initial challenge. “I think I understood that I needed to get out of the comfort zone,” says Kevin, a chemistry major who plans to graduate in 2021. Enactus has shown me that I can go further, break down barriers and spread good deeds for our communities.”

More about Kevin:

  • What I’m reading: “Culture of Excellence
  • Theme song: “Trem Bala,” by Ana Vilela
  • Who inspires me: Kleber De Paulo
  • Enactus in one word: Collaboration.
  • Best Enactus moment: “Our team being National Champion of Brazil.”
  • In five years, I will be … “seeing the world use our irrigation system for safe and sustainable production.”

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