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Retaining members and keeping student engagement high

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With only a few months until her graduation, this Marketing Manager can look back fondly on her nearly two years of Enactus involvement. While she originally got involved to gain valuable experience in her field of study, she quickly realized the amazing impact Enactus has on the community and knew she wanted to be a part of that. She is proud of the work she has done to raise awareness for the team’s projects and appreciates the time management and prioritization skills she’s learned as a result, not to mention the lifelong friends she has made. As she gets ready to travel to Toronto for Enactus World Cup, she says she is bringing all her passion with her and expects to take even more home with her.

More about Carolina:

  • Book she’s currently reading: Playground by Lars Kepler
  • Her personal theme song: The Pirates of the Caribbean theme song (makes me feel that nothing is impossible)
  • One person who inspires her: Malala Yousafzai
  • Enactus in one word: Change
  • Single best Enactus moment: When my team finished the final round presentation at the national competition and ran out hugging each other – we knew we had given 100% and we were so unbelievably happy.
  • In five years, she will be…working at one of the largest advertising agencies in London, in a senior position.

Chaminda first learned about Enactus and the impact in the community while working at another university. So when he went back to school to complete his PhD, finding the team on campus was one of his first priorities. Now involved for almost two years, he serves as the team’s President, bringing many years of volunteer and leadership experience to the group. One of his strengths, he says, is never giving up on a goal and this quality has served the team well as they’ve worked together to empower communities. At the Enactus World Cup, he is excited to network, both with other students and with executives from around the world.

More about Chaminda:

  • Book he’s currently reading: Blameless by Gail Carriger
  • His personal theme song: Extreme Ways by Moby
  • One person who inspires him: Dr. Arthur C. Clarke
  • Enactus in one word: Commitment
  • Single best Enactus moment: Winning the national championship
  • In five years, he will be…a biomedical research scientist and a proud Enactus alumnus

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