World Cup – Team Theme Songs

Team Theme Songs

Each competing team at Enactus World Cup 2017 is invited to select a song which you feel represents your team. A portion of the song you select will be played when your team crosses the stage during the Parade of Champions on the second day of the event, when your advance in the competition, and the full song will be played for the team announced as the
Enactus World Champion.


You may begin entering the song your team selected on Friday, 8 September at 14:00 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) / Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) to ensure our production team has enough time to fit it into the program.


The only pre-qualifiers are that the song you choose must not have foul language and/or incendiary lyrics within it, and that each song can only be selected once (we recommend for your team to choose a few top songs so that if your first choice is already taken you have a backup planned). Otherwise your team can selected a song from any genre and in any language. We recommend choosing something that is upbeat with a good tempo and lyrics that resonate with your team.

Already Taken

Songs that are being used within the event production have been pre-loaded into the Already Taken list. As teams make their selection the list will automatically update in real-time showing the songs selected by each team. Because there are sometimes multiple common names given to or by which a song is known, if we find a duplicate in the list we will notify the teams impacted and the one who selected the song first will be able to keep it as their theme song, the other(s) will need to select an alternate song.

Production Songs

  • Footprints (All over the world) – Tiesto
  • Hello World – Aloe Blacc
  • Home – Phillip Phillips
  • The Power of One (Change the World) – Isreal Houghton
  • Under Pressure – Queen & David Bowie
  • Verge – Owl City & Aloe Blacc
  • Wavin’flag (All Versions) – K’naan
  • London – Maty Noyes

If you’re in a country that disallows Google as a service, please click here to email us your submission.

Songs already taken

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