Action Accelerator – What to expect

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Expect an action-packed day of creative and impactful discussion. The day will start with a keynote speaker, leading into the workshop session which will run all morning. During the workshop, the diverse teams will work on a problem or opportunity facing the initiative and prepare a 77s pitch.

Lunch will be provided for all attendees, which we will enjoy while listening to more incredible speakers who will share their journeys and insights with us.

Each team will deliver 77s pitches to a panel of judges. The top 4 teams will have the amazing opportunity to refine and deliver their pitch on the main stage of Enactus World Cup to 3000+ business leaders, academics and students!

The day will be crowned off by witnessing the final round of competition of Enactus World Cup, where one university team will be crowned Enactus World Champions for their work to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals!

Attendees of the Action Accelerator are encouraged to attend all 3 days of Enactus World Cup.

Highlights from Last Year’s Event

Last year we were joined by 10 ambitious intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs running amazingly impactful initiatives! The day started with an amazing keynote from Lord Dr. Michael Hastings, Global Head of Citizenship at KPMG, who spoke about persistence required to achieve the sustainable development goals and the importance that we Lead 2030.

We then had an incredible lunchtime panel with Ross Sylvester, CEO of startup Funderbolt; Justin Cunningham, Enactus alumnus and Executive Director at startup SocialWorks; Zohra Zori, Enactus alumna and former Enactus HQ staff, now VP, Foundation Center; and Robert Miller, Enactus alumnus and Senior Advisor/Consultant to the Minister w/o Portfolio in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries.

Our panelists joined at the end of the day as judges to help select the 4 teams to share 77s pitches on the final round stage of Enactus World Cup to 3000+ people. Well done Bambuhay (Philippines), TaoBox (Mexico), Leadership Factory (Egypt), and VerBem (Brazil) on your amazing performance.

The Action Accelerator attendees also had the chance to cast a people’s vote. Congratulations to the Leadership Factory, who won help bringing their pitch online, valued at $300.

Full list of initiatives
1 Million Teachers
Bambuhay (watch the mainstage presentation above at timecode 4:03)
Eco Food Fish
Huron Social Alliance
Leadership Factory (watch the mainstage presentation above at timecode 7:06)
Tabox (watch the mainstage presentation above at timecode 2:21)
Verbem (watch the mainstage presentation above at timecode 5:29)
Route 17