Action Accelerator – What to expect

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This year, at the virtual event, we will begin with running three hackathons across three regions—the Americas, Europe/Africa, and Asia/Australia—during the month of August.

  • Europe/Africa – Wednesday, 12 August, 6pm-9pm Central European Time (Amsterdam/Cairo)
  • Americas – Thursday, 13 August, 6pm-9pm Central Standard Time (Chicago/Bogota)
  • Asia/Australia – Wednesday, 19 August, 6pm-9pm (Singapore/Perth)

The Action Accelerator hackathons will be run during the evening time for ~3 hours for the time zone as noted above. The event will begin with pre-selected Idea Captains sharing their ideas with all attendees. The attendees will then vote for the top three Idea Captains they would like to work with and be assigned to a breakout room with the Idea Captain. For two hours, a team of 4-5 people including an experienced mentor will collaborate with this Idea Captain to overcome a challenge they are facing to scale their idea or initiative and craft a 77-second pitch. The event will end with attendees viewing the final pitches and voting for the top ones.

The winning initiatives/ideas from each event will come together to share their pitch at the virtual Enactus World Cup on 8-11 September 2020, pitching online to an audience of thousands of global business leaders and university students!

They will also have the opportunity to continue being mentored for the following 12 months, get access to exclusive events and resources such as seats at the UN’s Youth Leadership forum in September 2020, and win prize money up to $2,000USD.



Highlights from Last Year’s In-Person Event

To help you understand the essence of Action Accelerator, whether in-person or digital—

Last year, we were joined by seven intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs running ambitious and impactful initiatives! Each initiative had four team members and one to two mentors.

The day started with a world class panel on “Driving the Global Goals with Power and Purpose” with Cecelia Wogan-Silva, Global Director for Creative Advertising at Google; Remy Swaab, Executive Director at World Trade Centers Association Foundation; and Shawn Mealy, Global Customer Success Manager at LinkedIn.

Following the opening, the heart of the day began—the hackathon. In just a few hours, the seven Idea Captains along with their team of Mentors and Project Contributors hacked the challenge, leveraging start-up tools such as the Product Definition Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, and Benefit Articulation Triangle. Their solution was then crafted into a 77-second pitch and prepped to showcase.

After a morning of intense collaboration and playful humour, we were joined by Alex Bellotti, Managing Director of One Young World, Action Accelerator Partner, to deliver a lunch-time talk that inspired all in the room. Alex spoke about how One Young World, one of the largest youth platforms in the world, was able to start and grow to what it is today. He also shared some helpful advice for delivering a short and sharp pitch, getting everyone in the right mindset to begin pitching.

After a working lunch, the teams competed and four were selected based on Impact, Sustainability, and Scalability of their initiative, giving them the unique opportunity to deliver 77s pitches on the final round stage of Enactus World Cup 2019 to 2500+ people. Well done Golden Waste (Eswatini), Impacter (Germany/Netherlands), Virtualahan (Philippines), and Zizi Institute (South Africa) on delivering awe-inspiring pitches.

To crown off this incredible event, the finalists were invited to deliver their pitches at Google HQ, The Googleplex, the next day and take a tour of the campus!

Full list of initiatives

Gold Busters
Golden Waste (watch the mainstage presentation above at timecode 8:28)
Impacter (watch the mainstage presentation above at timecode 2:31)
Virtualahan (watch the mainstage presentation above at timecode 4:31)
Zizi Institute (watch the mainstage presentation above at timecode 6:35)

1 Million Teachers
Bambuhay (watch last year’s video; timecode 4:03)
Eco Food Fish
Huron Social Alliance
Leadership Factory (watch last year’s video; timecode 7:06)
Tabox (watch last year’s video; timecode 2:21)
Verbem (watch last year’s video; timecode 5:29)
Route 17