Action Accelerator – Register here

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There are three ways to participate in the Action Accelerator:


Idea Captain
You have an existing SDG initiative with a problem to solve.

You leave with a sharpened initiative and a well-crafted pitch.


Project Contributor
You join the event as a participant and want to use your passion to help an initiative grow.

You leave with inspiration and tools to start your own Global Goals-driving initiative.


Executive Mentor
You want to use your 10+ years of experience to help others achieve their goals.

You leave feeling that you used your experience for good and have the opportunity to continue to mentor your team and see the initiative flourish.


Thank you for your interest! Registration for the Virtual Hackathon Events are now closed.  

Dates for Virtual Hackathon Events in August by time zone:

  • Europe/Africa – Wednesday, 12 August, 6pm-9pm Central European Time (Amsterdam/Cairo)
  • Americas – Thursday, 13 August, 6pm-9pm Central Standard Time (Chicago/Bogota)
  • Asia/Australia – Wednesday, 19 August, 6pm-9pm (Singapore/Perth)

Initiative Selection

You may submit your intrapreneurial or entrepreneurial initiative to be hacked at the Action Accelerator during the registration process. The applications will be screened by the Action Accelerator team.

You will be judged on:

IMPACT: Those who achieve both breadth and depth of impact will be scored higher. This can be in regards to social and/or environmental impact.

SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS MODEL: Truly sustainable initiatives that will generate revenue, have long-term demand, and require diminishing external inputs.

SCALABILITY: Ability for initiative to have impact beyond just one country or customer; the financial model must allow the initiative to be scaled.


Mentors will be paired with initiatives prior to the event. They will advise and facilitate the teams during the hacking portion of the event.

After the event, mentors will maintain at least quarterly contact with Idea Captains for one year.