Weekly SDG News 9 March 2022

Weekly SDG News 9 March 2022
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A curated roundup of news impacting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Plant-Based Innovation

Markets Insider

Daiya’s Latest Plant-Based Innovations Take Center Stage at Natural Products Expo West (7 March 2022)

  • As part of our ongoing effort to surprise and delight consumers, Daiya Foods Inc, a pioneer in plant-based foods, will showcase our latest plant-based innovation at the upcoming Natural Products Expo West, happening March 8-12 in Anaheim, Calif.

Food Waste

Fast Company

Google says it’s reduced food waste just by using different bowls (7 March 2022)

  • With offices in 170 cities worldwide, Google serves hundreds of thousands of meals a day under normal operations, making it larger than some fast food chains.


ReFED Announces Upcoming $10 Million Catalytic Grant Fund with Anchor Funding from Google (7 March 2022)

  • ReFED announced that Google is providing $1 million in anchor funding for the upcoming ReFED Catalytic Grant Fund, a new five-year initiative designed to provide non-dilutive and patient capital that de-risks and scales food waste solutions with the potential for high impact.

Waste Advantage Magazine

Preventing Food Waste at Home Can Help Tackle Climate Change: Food Waste Action Week comes to Canada – Waste Advantage Magazine (7 March 2022)

  • Canadians produce nearly 10 million tons of greenhouse gases each year, simply by wasting perfectly edible food at home — however, there are plenty of simple actions everyone can take to help prevent unnecessary food waste.

Plastic Waste/Circular Economy

World Economic Forum

21 circular economy solutions: changing how we eat, live and travel for a more sustainable world (9 March 2022)

  • The latest edition of the Circularity Gap Report explores the concept of a circular economy and investigates its role in climate mitigation and in cultivating more equitable societies around the world.

Latest Plastics News RSS feed – Big News Network

A historic moment: the adoption of a mandate to negotiate a legally binding UN Treaty on plastic pollution (3 March 2022)

  • We applaud and welcome the decision taken at UNEA 5.2 yesterday, 2nd of March, where UN member states agreed on the adoption of a mandate for an International Negotiating Committee (INC) to develop a legally binding UN Treaty on plastic pollution.

Environment + Energy Leader

Amazon Researching Net Zero, Biodegradable Plastics to Reduce Packaging Waste (9 March 2022)

  • Amazon is researching energy efficient technologies to create net zero plastics that can be broken down and turned into new plastic materials or biodegrade, which the company says is another step in its goal to reduce packaging waste.


CSR Wire

Climate Innovation Down Under: Saving Australia’s Ocean Inspires Gen Z Entrepreneurs (3 March 2022)

  • From mass bleaching events devastating the coral ecosystems of the Great Barrier Reef to January temperatures in Sydney that spurred record-breaking warm waters, Australia’s ocean is ground zero for the effects of climate change.

The Consumer Goods Forum

CGF Sustainability Director Joins Panel on Plastic Packaging at The Economist Group’s World Ocean Summit (9 March 2022)

  • On March 3RD, Director of Sustainability at The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), Ignacio Gavilan joined a panel discussion dedicated to rethinking plastic packaging solutions at The Economist Group’s World Ocean Summit. Ignacio who oversees the CGF’s Coalitions of Action on Plastic Waste and Food Waste was invited to share his thoughts on the opportunities and challenges for packaging, and our industry’s role in minimising plastic waste.


Using the Ocean’s Power to Fight Climate Change – WSJ (6 March 2022)

  • Covering 70% of the Earth’s surface, the ocean already acts as a giant carbon sink, removing about a quarter of the carbon dioxide produced each year by human activity, scientists estimate.


Pew Research Center

Americans largely support U.S. joining international efforts to address climate change (9 March 2022)

  • Three-quarters of Americans support the United States participating in international efforts to help reduce the effects of climate change, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey.

United Nations Multimedia

UNEP combats pollution, restores ozone and protects seas – UN chief tells 50th anniversary session (3 March 2022)

  • For 50 years, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) has offered the world a way forward “based on a vision for a better, healthier Earth built on the pillars of international cooperation,” Secretary-General António Guterres told a landmark special session on Thursday, commemorating the agency’s golden anniversary.

Green Biz

Crop modeling can scale regenerative agriculture to address climate change (9 March 2022)

  • Climate change is pressing ahead, and the race is on to find impactful ways to curtail it. Regenerative agricultural practices have shown to store considerable quantities of carbon in the soil and to keep it out of the atmosphere.