Weekly SDG News 9 Dec 2021

Weekly SDG News 9 Dec 2021
December 8, 2021 Weekly SDG News 0 comments

A curated roundup of news impacting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Plant-Based Innovation

PR Newswire

Gathered Foods, Makers of Good Catch® Plant-Based Seafood, Co-Founders Selected as UBS Global Visionaries (2 December 2021)

  • The founders have been selected by UBS, the world’s premier wealth management firm, to join the growing list of changemakers dedicated to innovation and positive impact.

Plastics Today

Race Is On for Commercialization of Plant-based Plastic Bottle (3 December 2021)

  • Suntory said that it has achieved a milestone by creating a prototype PET bottle entirely from 100% plant-based materials.


Food Waste


Winners Announced for the $1 Million Wonderful Innovation Challenge  (1 December 2021)

  • The Wonderful Company (TWC), a global company dedicated to harvesting health and happiness around the world through its iconic consumer brands, today announced the winners of its inaugural Wonderful Innovation Challenge, a platform designed to spur innovation across TWC and scale its sustainability efforts.

PR Newswire

U.N. World Food Program Announces Andrew Zimmern as Goodwill Ambassador  (6 December 2021)

  • The United Nations World Food Program announced that award-winning chef and TV personality Andrew Zimmern has been named a Goodwill Ambassador, joining an esteemed group of ambassadors including Kate Hudson, Michael Kors and The Weeknd.

The Packer

AgroFresh announces use of FreshCloud Quality Inspection by Starr Ranch Growers to fight food waste (3 December 2021)

  • The solution uses aggregated data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to sustainably address food waste reduction and derive supply chain insights through the FreshCloud digital platform, allowing for real time decisions with live analytics.


Plastic Waste/Circular Economy


REMADE Announces $33 Million in New Technology Research  (7 December 2021)

  • The REMADE Institute, a 132-member public-private partnership established by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) with an initial investment of $140 million, announced $33.2 million in new technology research, selecting 23 new projects as part of the Institute’s latest round of funding.


Dame Ellen MacArthur Shares Her Vision of Circular Fashion in a New Book (1 December 2021)

  • After retiring from her sailing career 12 years ago—MacArthur was once the world record-holder for circumnavigating the globe solo—she launched the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to connect the worlds of business, education, fashion, agriculture, and beyond to imagine a radical shift to a “circular economy.”

Thomas Reuters Foundation

REUTERS NEXT-World can’t recycle its way out of plastic (3 December 2021)

  • Recycling will not be able to contain a runaway global plastic waste crisis, experts said as they called on companies to reduce plastic production and shift more products into reusable and refillable packaging.



Science report: US should make less plastic to save oceans  (1 December 2021)

  • A top independent science panel says the U.S. needs to generate less plastic so less of the material ends up as waste in oceans and other waterways

 Global Times

Indian Ocean reefs risk collapse  (7 December 2021)

  • The findings, published in the journal Nature Sustainability on Monday, warned that reefs along the eastern coast of Africa and island nations like Mauritius and Seychelles faced a high risk of extinction unless urgent action was taken.

CBS News

Ocean plastic pollution is being colonized by coastal species  (2 December 2021)

  • The North Pacific Subtropical Gyre, otherwise known as the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” is considered the world’s largest accumulation of ocean plastic. It’s so massive, in fact, that researchers found it has been colonized by species — hundreds of miles away from their natural home.




With climate concern at all-time high, consumers want action more than promises (6 December 2021)

  • In the wake of the COP26 talks, we again find ourselves critically analyzing the success of what is arguably the world’s most important summit. Were the commitments strong enough? Will those in power live up to the commitments?

UN News

Excess salt in soils puts food security at risk: FAO  (3 December 2021)

  • Improper water management, including insufficient supply and poor quality drainage systems, are contributing to excessive soil salinization – a problem that threatens global food security, according to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).


Jeff Bezos climate fund gives millions to energy efficiency start-up BlocPower  (7 December 2021)

  • The Bezos Earth Fund granted $5.5 million to BlocPower, a 2021 CNBC Disruptor 50 company that focuses on commercial and residential building energy efficiency.