Weekly SDG News 23 Feb 2022

Weekly SDG News 23 Feb 2022
February 23, 2022 Weekly SDG News 0 comments

A curated roundup of news impacting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Plant-Based Innovation

Food Business News

Kraft Heinz, NotCo team up for plant-based joint venture (22 February 2022)

  • The Kraft Heinz Co. is teaming up with TheNotCompany Inc., a maker of meat and dairy alternatives, for a joint venture focused on plant-based innovation.


Vegan World: “We Can Confidently Say We Are Europe’s Leading Plant-Based Trade Show” (22 February 2022)

  • Carol Dunning, Event Director of Natural & Organic Products Europe, here discusses the new Vegan World zone of the upcoming event in London this April, telling us what will be in store for visitors, how to sign up, and her views on developments in the industry as a whole.

Food Waste

Good News Network

Using the Sun to Fight Food Waste And Stretch Yields (21 February 2022)

  • Farming households in rural India are earning extra money for their food that goes unsold by putting it through solar food dehydrators. In a country where intense heat can spoil food within days of harvesting, it can also keep it safe for months.


Second Annual Black Climate Week Focuses on Waste, Pollution Solutions (22 February 2022)

  • In honor of Black History Month, The Solutions Project has launched the second annual Black Climate Week, which runs today through Friday, February 25. Every year, the campaign focuses on a different theme related to Black leadership in the climate movement. This year, the campaign celebrates the work of 14 organizations that are spearheading climate justice solutions that are rooted in Black history.

The Consumer Goods Forum

Putting the Food Waste Issue into the Core Sustainability Agenda by Empowering the Whole Value Chain (22 February 2022)

  • Food is essential for the continuity of life, and the story of food is as old as the existence of humanity. However, nowadays, our dependence requires more attention than ever.

Plastic Waste/Circular Economy

WWF – Conservation news & stories

Global survey sees nearly nine in 10 people supporting a UN plastic pollution treaty but will g (22 February 2022)

  • An average of nearly nine in 10 people surveyed across 28 countries think it is important to have a global treaty to combat plastic pollution but whether this overwhelming global public support will result in the adoption of an ambitious, legally binding global treaty remains uncertain.

Green Biz

Meet the entrepreneur turning Israel’s trash into any person’s sprint | Greenbiz (23 February 2022)

  • For about a decade now, Israel’s Environmental Protection Ministry has been working to improve the country’s recycling rates, in part by trying to educate and persuade the public to separate their trash and put it in the correct recycling bin.

Plastics Technology

A New ‘Supercritical Water’ Approach to Recycling Plastic Packaging Waste (23 February 2022)

  • Established in 1982, Stopford is an international multi-disciplinary consultancy, engineering design and project management services company with a proven track record in developing innovative process technologies and process solutions, including a portfolio of ‘green’ technologies, for commercially successful innovation.


National Geographic

How a dramatic win in plastic waste case may curb ocean pollution (22 February 2022)

  • Nearly every day for three years, Diane Wilson and a handful of fellow volunteers spent hours poking through the buggy, marshy grasses of the Gulf Coast, combing stretches of pebbly sand, or kayaking beside a huge petrochemical plant, all in search of tiny plastic pellets called nurdles.

Global News

A ship full of Porsches, VWs and Bentleys is on fire, adrift in Atlantic Ocean (17 February 2022)

  • If you ordered a new brand new Porsche, Volkswagen, Bentley or Audi recently, your new whip might be on fire in the middle of the ocean right now. The Portuguese Navy has confirmed it has come to the aid of the Felicity Ace, a ship carrying cars across the Atlantic Ocean, after a fire broke out on one of their cargo decks and quickly spread.

Big News Network

India, France to enhance cooperation on marine science, technology (21 February 2022)

  • New Delhi [India], February 21 (ANI): India and France will enhance scientific cooperation in marine science and technology and also exchanges of students and researchers with aims to monitor, protect and sustainably use marine living and non-living resources and the biodervisity of the seas and ocean.


World Economic Forum

How to heat up – and cool down – climate innovation (21 February 2022)

  • Heating and cooling are essential to modern life. This includes comfort control for homes and buildings, and temperature control in industrial processes. It also includes the cold chain that ensures safe delivery of food, medicine and vaccines around the world.

United Nations Multimedia

UN-backed report warns of rising wildfire threat (23 February 2022)

  • Wildfires are projected to rise by 50 per cent by the end of the century due to the climate crisis and changes in land use, according to a report published on Wednesday by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and GRID-Arendal, a non-profit environmental communications centre based in Norway.

Green Biz

Inclusive companies and communities advance environmental justice (21 February 2022)

  • Dismantling decades of environmental injustice that disproportionally affects generations of poor people and communities of color is the mission of a growing number of organizations, companies, communities and individuals determined to advance environmental justice.