Weekly SDG News 12 Jan 2022

Weekly SDG News 12 Jan 2022
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A curated roundup of news impacting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Plant-Based Innovation


The Future of Food: Fungi and Robots Rule (12 January 2022)

  • From fermentation to robots, the future of food—and how the world eats—is dramatically changing. Here are some of the most exciting innovations on the horizon.

 Food Waste


The Regenerators: How can we waste less food? (10 January 2022)

  • From veggies to sweet treats, food is a HUGE part of our daily lives! And the impact it has on our environment is huge too.

New Food Magazine

Morrisons aim to end waste by removing expiry dates on milk (12 January 2022)

  • One of the largest supermarkets in the country, Morrisons, has announced the removal of use by dates on milk bottles in a move to stop millions of pints being wasted.


Plastic Waste/Circular Economy


When circularity meets climate tech  (12 January 2022)

  • The second most-read story on GreenBiz.com last year was one that was actually published almost four years ago: An investigative report about what happens to solar panels when they’ve clocked their time as energy-producing members of society and are ready to retire.

Department of Energy

Department Of Energy Announces $13.4 Million Investment to Combat Plastic Waste and Reduce Emissions Across The Plastics Industry  (11 January 2022)

  • The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded $13.4 million to seven projects for research and development of novel recycling processes and technologies that that will cut plastic waste and reduce the energy consumption and carbon emissions of single-use plastics at every stage of their lifecycle.

Sustainable Brands

Timberland Gives Worn Items New Life Through Timberloop™ Take-Back Program (11 January 2022)

  • Timberloop enables Timberland and its community to work together to keep products and materials in circulation for as long as possible — critical to the company’s goal for 100% of its products to be designed for full circularity by 2030.




Oceans were the warmest they’ve ever been in 2021 for the 3rd year in a row  (11 January 2022)

  • Last year was the hottest on record for the world’s oceans for the third year in a row, according to new research, part of a long-term upward trend in ocean temperature that scientists say is overwhelmingly due to planet-warming fossil fuel emissions.

Waste 360

OceanHero Draws Internet Surfers to Tackle Ocean Plastic  (12 January 2022)

  • Social enterprise OceanHero has a digital platform inviting people from around the globe to help fund work to clean up or stop ocean plastic simply by surfing the internet. At the same time, users learn about plastic’s impact on oceans and marine ecosystems and about projects to shield these natural resources from plastic litter.

Environment News Service

Sea Shepherd Targets Ocean Criminals With ‘Age of Union’ Ship (10 January 2022)

  • The movement to protect marine wildlife took a giant a leap forward this week as a brand new nonprofit environmental organization, the Age of Union Alliance, announced a US$4.5 million donation to Sea Shepherd, the global NGO that partners with governments to patrol their oceans and fight illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing throughout the world.



UN News

5 things you should know about the greenhouse gases warming the planet (8 January 2022)

  • News stories about the climate crisis often contain mentions of greenhouse gases, and the greenhouse effect. Whilst most will find the analogy easy to understand, what exactly are these gases, and why are they contributing to the warming of the Earth?


Working towards a better, fairer, greener world for all  (12 January 2022)

  • Climate change is not just an environmental issue, it’s a threat to human rights and deepens inequality by disproportionately affecting people marginalized by poverty. This year, access to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment was recognized as a fundamental human right.

Observer Research Foundation

The climate of corporate governance  (12 January 2022)

  • It is imperative that climate-related factors are built into the recruitment, induction and compensation processes