World Water Race Mentor Directory


Any team that enters a project in the Race is eligible to participate in mentorship. When done right, mentorship can be a valuable addition to an Enactus team’s project. Mentors give students access to knowledge and experience that they otherwise would not have when making decisions and planning. In addition to being a rewarding and valuable experience for students, mentorship benefits the mentor by allowing them to give back and engage with young, innovative leaders who are driven to create sustainable impact.

World Water Race provides an opportunity for Enactus teams to receive mentorship from business leaders. Use the directory below to explore mentors by company and expertise. If you would like to connect to a mentor, send an email to and include your team name and the mentor(s) you would like to connect with. Enactus will review requests and do our best to make connections when possible. We will contact you directly if a connection can be made. Once a mentor has been identified, the Project Leader and mentor will receive a connection email. It is then up to students and their mentor to set a mentor session. Mentor sessions should be productive, collaborative meetings that take place in 30 minutes or less. The Mentor Session Agenda will help keep you on track.

Please review the Mentorship Guidelines for complete information on this opportunity and expectations.