The Road to Toronto: 2016 Enactus National Competitions

The Road to Toronto: 2016 Enactus National Competitions
April 9, 2016 National Competitions 0 comments

It’s that time of year again, National Competition season. In just a few short days, the first event will take place in the United Kingdom, kicking off a 17-week national competition season that will see thousands of students converge in cities around the world to proudly share their impact with executives, faculty and their peers in hopes of being named their country’s national champion and earning a spot in the Enactus World Cup.




To say these events are inspiring doesn’t quite capture it: each individual team will proudly share the impact they’ve had using entrepreneurial action to create a better world for us all. From developing an earthworm composting initiative to divert food waste from landfills, to creating a solar lamp business to provide both employment and sustainable energy solutions, Enactus students are meeting the world’s problems head on and using innovative and creative thinking to make things better.

And while each individual team is itself impressive, you start to get a little overwhelmed as the weeks pass and you realize that this work is taking place in villages, towns and cities in countries all around the world. This global movement is powerful, with more than 70,000 students tackling our most pressing issues, and the National Competitions are a perfect opportunity to learn more about the amazing impact they are having.




If you have the opportunity to attend one of these events, don’t pass it up: we promise you will leave inspired and ready for action, energized by the enthusiasm of our students. You’ll be impressed by the caliber of business leaders giving their time as judges and offering feedback to the teams. Your views on tackling problems around the world will be challenged and you’ll be inspired to see opportunity in the most difficult situations. You will leave knowing that being an Enactus member means being a part of a movement bigger than yourself, where individuals come together around a shared cause and as a group, make drastic steps to improve lives around the world. This unique mix of competition, collaboration and celebration is what makes an Enactus event so special, an experience our attendees aren’t quick to forget.




For the events you can’t attend, we’ve got your covered: we’ll be monitoring social media and sharing great images, videos and posts from each of the events to give you a first-hand look at all the action and excitement. We’ll also be announcing the national champion teams as we receive them from each country so be sure to watch our Facebook, Twitter and other social feeds for updates.

And like last year, we won’t be alone in our curating and sharing of great event action and highlights. Many of our countries are recruiting passionate and enthusiastic students, alumni and partners to serve as their social ambassadors during the competition. These individuals will take over social media to offer their first-hand perspectives on each event, giving you the chance to experience the impact being made in countries around the world.




Another great resource is the National Competition page of the Enactus website, which includes the schedule of competition, national champion information, and a dynamic social grid that will pull competition messages, pictures and videos from all over the web.

The countdown is on with the kickoff just a few days away. Join us on this journey as we celebrate all that has been accomplished this year – you won’t want to miss a minute of it.