The 2013 Enactus National Competition Season Has Officially Begun

The 2013 Enactus National Competition Season Has Officially Begun
April 21, 2013 National Competitions 2 comments

Over the next 16 weeks Enactus students, faculty and executives will come together at a series of dynamic and inspiring events.

In cities, towns and villages around the world, Enactus students have spent their academic year channeling their unique talents, passions and ideas into community empowerment projects. Guided by faculty advisors and local business leaders, each team of students left the comfort of the classroom to apply their growing knowledge to real challenges that affect real people in the community. With the objective of increasing the quality of life and standard of living for others, they sought out challenges, created innovative solutions using business concepts and put their ideas into action.

The Enactus national competitions provide a forum for these students to showcase how they transformed lives and enabled progress through entrepreneurial action. The competitions also give teams the opportunity to receive valuable feedback on the quality and impact of their projects from business leaders serving as judges. In the end, one national champion team will be named from each of the competitions, earning them the opportunity to represent their country at our global competition—Enactus World Cup.

Competition is a vital element of our program. Just as it does in business, we believe that competition promotes innovation and encourages a focus on the outcomes and overall impact of Enactus projects. While we will celebrate and recognize at the events those teams which made the greatest impact, in the end when we compete to improve lives, we all win.

Our national competitions are often described as an experience that resembles the enthusiasm and passion of a sporting event, mixed with the excitement of a rock concert. We invite you to follow the journey over the next four months of those participating in these exciting events. Through this blog, the national competitions section of our website and on multiple social media platforms using #weallwin, you will have the opportunity to follow the action, share in the experiences and gain personal insight into the students, faculty and executives who are members of the Enactus community.