National Competitions

Sights, Sounds and Thoughts from the 2015 National Competitions

  • September 16, 2015
  • By: Tona Rowett

The Enactus World Cup, taking place in Johannesburg, South Africa, kicks off in less than a month. In anticipation of our largest gathering of entrepreneurial leaders from around the world, let’s take a look back at the incredible national competition season we just completed. Over 19 weeks, 26,608 individuals came together in cities in 36 countries to celebrate the program’s impact. In total, 908 teams took part in the competitions, with 4,046 executives serving as judges and 1,550 faculty members supporting them.

This year, we launched a social ambassador initiative, with students and alumni serving as our on the ground event correspondents, keeping us updated on all the excitement and in some cases, taking over their country’s social media channels. The initiative was overwhelmingly successful and we’re excited to be continuing this for the upcoming World Cup – stay tuned!

Speaking of social media, our countries are incredibly savvy in how they use these valuable tools, and we were impressed by the expanded campaigns launched this year. Countries like Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, and South Africa were particularly active both before and during their events, with impressive results. And a number of countries, including Kyrgyzstan, Egypt, Morocco and Germany, live streamed some or all of their competitions, allowing supporters both home and abroad to be a part of the action.

We kept a close eye on social media during the competitions, and watched as you shared your experiences, from traveling as a team to the event, to hoisting the cup high and smiling proudly. The following are some of our favorite sights, sounds and thoughts from the season. And if you want more highlights from the 2015 Enactus National Competitions, be sure to check out the blog for our series of competition highlight posts, YouTube for our collection of competition videos, and Flickr for thousands of images showcasing the excitement and enthusiasm of each event.

Getting There and Exploring

Whether traveling near or far, our students took advantage of every opportunity the national competition experience offered them.

Way to ENACTUS national competition…..#enactusfuta #weallwin #enactusng

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Opening Ceremony Excitement

There’s nothing quite like the anticipation of the Opening Ceremonies, when everyone comes together to celebrate the year’s accomplishments.

Opening Ceremony of Enactus Malaysia National Cup 2015. Feeling excited! #EMNC2015 #EnactusMalaysia #EnactusAttack #ENACTUSUITM #WeAllWin

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Opening ceremony has begun! #10enactusPR #InnovacionSocialPR #WeAllWin

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Competition, Presentations and Awards

The cornerstone of every Enactus competition, pictures and videos of presentations and trophies filled our feed during each event.

Champions and first runner ups at the Enactus Puerto Rico Competition! #10enactusPR #WeAllWin #InnovacionSocialPR

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Yesterday competitions KICC…«ENACTUS> #goingplaces##WeAllWin#transforminglives …

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Этот момент. Поздравляю КГЮА! Worthy Champions of #enactuskgnc15

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Executive Support

Not only do our incredible executives give their time to attend the competitions and support the teams, they also share their support and enthusiasm with the world.

Translation: #CNEnactus: Congratulations to the @EnactusReims team for its victory and his beautiful #ESS project

Buzz Words

Possibility, connections, leadership, entrepreneurship, movement, relationships, and of course #WeAllWin…these are just some of the words that defined this year’s competitions.

There we go…#Enactuskenya. Seeing possibilities,taking action,enabling progress.

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Translated by Bing: The threads that connect us all #Enactus #EnactusRussia #Moscow

Friendship and Support

Our teams don’t just support each other; they support their peers all over the world. We were overwhelmed by the messages of support and congratulations throughout the season.

Team Selfies and Collages

Nothing captures an experience like the perfect picture. Here are a selection of team selfies and collages from around the world.

What is your favorite competition memory from this year? Share it in the comments!