A glass half empty or a glass half full, what do you see?

A glass half empty or a glass half full, what do you see?
June 10, 2014 #seeopportunity 0 comments

At the heart of entrepreneurship is the ability to see opportunity where it might not be immediately obvious. Whether it’s harnessing the sun’s energy to produce clean drinking water or transforming discarded shipping containers into housing solutions for the homeless, Enactus students demonstrate that entrepreneurial action can be a powerful catalyst for enabling greater human progress.

Enactus has kicked off an initiative to celebrate how Enactus students seize opportunity and to illustrate what’s possible when entrepreneurial young minds are empowered to take action. A number of prominent executives such as J.P. Bilbrey, Doug McMillon and Denise Morrison share the inspiring stories of Enactus students enabling progress through entrepreneurial action.

You are invited to visit the campaign hub at www.enactus.org/seeopportunity and help raise awareness for Enactus by passing these amazing stories along to your colleagues and friends. Your participation will empower more Enactus students around the world and ultimately transform more lives.

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