National Competitions

Russia National Competition Highlights

  • June 17, 2015
  • By: Tona Rowett

Quick Facts Results

  • National Champion:
    Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
  • Second Place:
    National Research Tomsk State University
  • Third Place:
    Engineering and Technology
    Academy of Southern Federal University

Students, faculty and business leaders involved in Enactus are connected by a common belief: entrepreneurial action creates a better world for all of us. At this year’s Enactus Russia National Competition, which took place at the President Hotel in Moscow on 27-28 May, they took that connection a step further: after the National Champions were announced, the students were handed balls of yarn and asked to hold on to the end and then throw the rest into the audience. Whoever caught one continued the process, holding on then throwing the rest of the ball to someone else. Pretty soon, the entire room was covered, with hundreds of supporters connected by just a few pieces of yarn. What a powerful visual to remind us of our web of influence and the opportunity we have to together make a difference!

Another unique visual created at this year’s competition was a sign of the Enactus brand using yellow and black pencils. A board with premade holes was set up in the lobby and delegates were invited to each add pencils – the end result was pretty cool and very creative!

After 11 Regional Competitions, 23 teams had to opportunity to travel to the 17th Enactus Russia National Competition, sponsored by NMGK Group of Companies, in hopes of winning the national championship. In the first round, 54 judges selected six teams to move forward to the “super final”, where the teams presented on the main stage to the over 300 people in attendance.

In the end, the team from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology received the trophy, earning the right to represent their country at the Enactus World Cup coming up in October in Johannesburg, South Africa. Their work innovating waste collection processes in their hometown was particularly impressive: the team developed new technologies to improve recycling efficiency, resulting in a reduction in time and expense. In particular, by blending their business and technology savvy, they developed a new container system that can be emptied five times faster than previous models. The containers also have a detector that indicates fullness and allows for remote tracking, in addition to a bottle puncture to reduce the volume of plastic waste.

Social Ambassador Naumtceva Darya did a great job capturing the highlights of the two day competition on Facebook. Check it out here on Enactus Russia’s page! And don’t miss the collection of beautiful photographs from the competition – you can find them on Flickr.

Translated by Google:
“(What a technique doshlaaa))) Right now the guys will present our projects! 🙂 #enactustsu # Enactusrussia)”

Translated from Russian by Bing:
“(with the President of #enactus Russia Sergey Alekseevich Ravičevym #enactusrussia #enactusrussia2015 #enactus by alfiyak to …)”