Waste paper notebooks become answer for people in need

Waste paper notebooks become answer for people in need

- India

Educational resources for poor students empowers deaf community

Seeing Opportunity

A need for jobs, a lack of affordable educational resources and an abundance of waste paper hardly appear to have a common remedy. However, the Enactus team from Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies found the common thread to tackling these issues: one-sided, recycled paper notebooks.

Taking Action

Capitalizing on the abundance of waste paper, the team created a system to collect used paper from shops, offices, schools and colleges to ensure this material would be recycled and transformed into its second purpose. Then hearing impaired women, recovering drug addicts and victims of trafficking who struggle to find steady jobs in the community were employed to bind the paper and turn these loose sheets into low-cost, eco-friendly notebooks. This new product is marketed at minimal cost to college students as well as underprivileged school children. In one effort, the team found a way to reuse waste, provide affordable educational resources to poor students and empower marginalized members of their community.

Enabling Progress

“Project Akshar” is currently active at three production centers and since it was implemented more than one million sheets of paper have been recycled. Partnerships have been established with 31 colleges and eight schools across Delhi to collect waste paper for the new products. In addition, more than 1,800 underprivileged students have benefited from these notebooks and a group of 12 marginalized individuals have seen a 2,000 percent increase in monthly incomes.

Project Facts

12 marginalized individuals

1 million sheets of paper recycled

2,000 percent increase in monthly incomes