Farmers discover financial security with online market

Farmers discover financial security with online market

- Poland

Tapping technology maintains time and profits

Seeing Opportunity

For farmers in Poland the difference between getting by and making a sustainable living by satisfying the local demand for fresh produce now lies with the click of a mouse. The University of Gdansk Enactus team conceived the idea for an online produce market when they learned that many local farmers were struggling because they lacked an avenue that allowed them to focus on their farming operations and still reach possible consumers.

Taking Action

The team piloted their idea with a local farmer, which involved a marketing and awareness campaign designed to obtain produce orders to be picked up at a later date and place. By changing the traditional way farm goods are sold, time was maintained for actual farming. The direct-sell market also eliminated intermediaries and made it possible for the farmer to demand fair prices for his produce.

Enabling Progress

Through the pilot alone, the farmer sold 560 eggs, 48 kilograms of honey, 75 kilograms of flour and more than 1,000 kilograms of various fresh vegetables. In all, he netted approximately $1,650 in sales. The “Straight from the Farm” online market project is providing a means for consumers to get farm fresh items, promoting healthy eating and, even more importantly, making it possible for farmers to maintain their profits and have greater financial security from their labors.

Project Facts

1 online produce market

1,000+ kilograms of fresh vegetables sold

$1,650 in sales