A deaf community finds its voice

A deaf community finds its voice

- Morocco

Web TV production increases education, jobs for hearing impaired

Seeing Opportunity

The IIHEM Enactus team became motivated to help the deaf members of their community when they learned that up to 90 percent of deaf children do not attend school and most deaf adults are relegated to menial jobs, if they are able to obtain employment at all. The team made it their goal to help this population develop the resources to fulfill their potential and integrate into the broader community.

Taking Action

After working with 40 deaf individuals in the region of Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zair, it became clear the main factors limiting this group were a lack of access to information and social stigmas in the community. The team looked to create an e-learning website with the intent of developing it into a full-scale web TV production run by the deaf for the deaf. They launched FastForward.ma using a service provider/advertising business model, and the team trained deaf individuals on reporting techniques. The site now provides original reporting as well as national and international news in French and sign language.

Enabling Progress

The “Fast Forward” project has quickly become an asset for information and learning and is soon expected to transition to an independent enterprise fully managed and owned by the Moroccan deaf community. It has created job opportunities for four deaf residents who are currently making 500 Dh a month and 10 more individuals are to be hired in the coming months. IIHEM Enactus has succeeded in transforming the project beneficiaries into full entrepreneurs who are meeting their real potential.

Project Facts

1 web TV production

4 hearing impaired individuals employed

500 Dh per month in income