Guest Post: Observations From a Year of Supporting Enactus

Guest Post: Observations From a Year of Supporting Enactus
May 23, 2013 Guest Post, National Competitions 2 comments

One year. That’s not a long time in the grand scheme of things, but it’s the exact amount of time since I learned about and started engaging with Enactus Canada. It was also a year ago that Capital One Canada first started working with Enactus, so you could say we are both relative rookies. It’s amazing what you can learn in such a short span of time.

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Ian Hanning

Ian Hanning
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15+ years of experience in managing and leading teams across many aspects of Finance in the UK and Canada. Experience concentrated on financial planning and analysis in the financial services industry, with experience across accounting, treasury and capital markets functions.


So what have I learned in this year?

Capital One Canada has two passions when it comes to supporting the communities where we live and work: investing in social development for youth and promoting financial literacy. A little over a year ago we jumped in as the national sponsor of the Capital One Financial Education Challenge, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results so far. Our key corporate values are Excellence and Do The Right Thing, and every time I judge at the national exposition I am struck by how aligned our programs are with what Enactus students are delivering.

Next I learned that each Enactus team, whether first time participants or seasoned competitors, genuinely seeks out people from every walk of life in need of help. Stepping up, looking around and recognizing that there are people in need of a hand up are powerful first steps, but many of us leave it at that. We are compassionate and want to affect change and improve lives, but we get “too busy.” Enactus students go the extra step because they “do” and they execute their programs with Excellence. And they “do” in huge quantities and with great enthusiasm and care because they believe we should all Do The Right Thing.

It is purposeful that I haven’t mentioned specific programs, specific teams or specific results. That’s because there isn’t a program that I have seen that isn’t first class in its own way by helping people in need and supporting financial education. I cannot wait to see more next year – please, please continue to build on the energy you bring to your programs and “do” more.

Ok, I’ll bend my rule – that’s what they are for sometimes – and sign off by congratulating St. Mary’s University and Ryerson University, winners of the Capital One Financial Education Challenge and the National Challenge respectively.