Network News: Enactus Russia

Network News: Enactus Russia
March 17, 2022 Network News 0 comments

Enactus Russia is indefinitely suspended from the Enactus global network. Enactus Russia may no longer use the Enactus name, brand, or logo nor access global tools, resources, or operational support. Additionally, Enactus Russia’s student teams are prohibited from participating in any globally-supported Enactus programs, events, or competitions. Our full statement is below.


The Enactus network of 35 independent country offices is united by our vision of a better, more sustainable world; our mission to prepare next generation leaders with the business and innovation skills needed to achieve that vision; and our values of passion, collaboration, innovation and integrity.  We believe that students everywhere—regardless of their nationalities or the actions of their governments—have the power to make the world a better place.

The current war in Ukraine, however, puts our beliefs in tension. We condemn Russia’s violation of international law and are working to support our Ukrainian colleagues & students as they desperately try to evacuate or shelter-in-place.  We also believe that Russian student leadership development, grounded in positive social and environmental impact is more critical than ever.

As we grapple with these tensions, we are faced with the stark reality that a continued Enactus presence in Russia is simply untenable at this time. While we recognize and honor the fact that our Russian colleagues and students have been using business as a force for good as part of the Enactus community for 24 years, we have made the difficult decision to indefinitely suspend Enactus Russia from our global network.

It is our deep hope that the mission of Enactus Russia will continue in some form. Around the world, Enactus country offices serve a critical function in preparing their countries’ young leaders with mindsets grounded in peace, prosperity and positive social and environmental impact for all. The world needs more of this, not less—especially now.

We are working hard to navigate the complex—and very human—aspects of this devastating conflict. Our thoughts remain with all our colleagues, students, faculty and partners who are impacted by war around the world.