Guest Post, World Cup

My Internship Journey at Brambles

  • September 22, 2016
  • By: Tona Rowett

Ever wonder what it is like to work for an Enactus sponsor company? This guest post gives you an inside view into one student’s experience at Brambles, a proud Enactus World Cup Host Country Sponsor.


For three months, I worked as part of the Global Sustainability Team within Brambles collating data from our sites as part of the Annual Sustainability Review FY16. As an Enactus student, sustainability is at the core of every project we operate and being able to work with a team shaping the entire Sustainability aspect of Brambles has been incredible. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being surrounded by such a dynamic and innovative team of people, getting to know so many like-minded individuals with similar passions and interests.


Internships provide brilliant opportunities for students to work on active projects outside university, away from lectures and the standard syllabus. It’s a totally different learning experience, one I believe all students should be involved in before graduation. University doesn’t teach you how to balance full time work with personal life, maintain professional work relationships or even how to get used to leaving your house at 7:30am every morning! It’s skills like this combined with that 2:1 or 1st class honours overall that I believe are valuable when securing those graduate placements.

Graduate programmes can appear daunting to those with little work life experience, so I would highly recommend it to all undergraduates, bridging the jump from university into graduate roles. Interning with CHEP has allowed me to explore new areas of work I could potentially explore after graduation. It’s an incredible way to broaden your horizons and realise your degree does not define a specific career path in future. As a finance student I am fairly mathematically competent, however as a new Sustainability team member majority of my role included data reporting within Excel, an area of work I had little previous experience in. In 3 months alone I adopted an array of new skills, beyond the scope of my degree studies, this insight into the Brambles business has been incredibly beneficial to future prospects post-university.