Motivating #NextGenLeaders to Gear up Mobility Innovations 

Motivating #NextGenLeaders to Gear up Mobility Innovations 
June 13, 2019 Innovation, Partner Highlights 0 comments

Ford Motor Company Fund has relaunched the Ford Motor Company Fund Mobility Innovation Challenge for 2019 after a successful year rewarding Enactus student efforts in 2018. Last year, six teams were awarded funds to scale projects and continue work toward creating significant impact and creating a better world for us all. With investment now flowing to their work, the teams are driving more social impact than before with plans for even more.

ENSAM Casablanca Enactus Morocco has leveraged the first installment of their award on research and development, marketing, channel development and job creation for their startup POMM’it, which is located in the Midelt region. The business is focused on creating employment opportunities for rural women and significantly reducing farm loss of apples by producing agri-food and cosmetic products from semi-spoiled apples. The team is pursuing quality and process validation by a third party research lab so they can select the most effective production process. In the first half of the year, the team reported that their marketing, supported by a new brand look, is focused on driving sales and generating revenue and profit that will allow beneficiaries to have a stable and sustainable revenue. Research and development is centered on designing new products and recipes that align with the national agri-food norms, which will further collaboration with bigger retailers. And, the team is working with a local cooperative’s president in the rural region of Beni Mellal to duplicate the project’s value chain among their production unit and allow them to create 8 job opportunities for local women by the end of May 2019.

Federal University of Pará (UFPA) Enactus, Brazil continues to build on the impact of its Amana Katu project — providing sustainable, low-cost rainwater collection systems for homes and agriculture. With the Ford investment, the Enactus team has tested and scaled an improved version of its rainwater system, that has an external water level meter and innovated with both modular and sensor technology. Since November 2018, they have installed 18 rainwater harvesting systems that collected over 681,566.20 liters of rainwater, saved more than $8,570.93 USD on water and electricity bills, economized 50,464 KWH of electricity—benefitting over 860 people with new or improved access to water. The team’s environmental education outreach has inspired more than 7860 people to adopt sustainable water use practices, and connected with more than 99,568,278 people through our media reach on television, newspapers and digital media. Additionally, they installed 40 rainwater systems in the island of Murutucu, providing clean water to families that haven’t had a local source of clean water since the 1980s.

The 2018 Ford Mobility Challenge also rewarded four other Enactus teams to further drive impact:  University of Illinois Enactus USA, is furthering the impact of its Circle Cycle, which promotes bicycles as a vehicle for social change to empower local youth and increase mobility within the Champaign-Urbana community. Belmont University Enactus with its Senior Ride Nashville; UDS Navrongo Enactus Ghana with its EA (Easy Access) TRANSPORT; and Centenary University Enactus USA with its ShieldZ Wearable Technologies. 

The Ford Mobility Innovation Challenge is an opportunity for Enactus teams to receive financial capital to support, sustain and grow a project or viable concept that addresses affordable, clean transportation mobility issues to help solve a social problem or urgent community issue—while advancing Sustainable Development Goals 9 (Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure) and/or 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities). And, this year the Challenge expanded to Enactus teams in 37 countries.