Morocco National Competition Highlights

Morocco National Competition Highlights
August 22, 2013 National Competitions 0 comments

Creativity, impact, and positive change reign at Enactus Morocco National Competition

Quick Facts

  • National Champion:
    Mohammadia Engineering
    School (EMI)
  • 2nd Place: Institute of
    Higher Studies in
    Casablanca (HEM)
  • 3rd Place:
    National School of
    Commerce and Management
    Kenitra- IbnToufail University
    (ENCG Kenitra)
  • 4th Place:
    National School of
    Applied Science, Safi
  • Competing Teams: 26
  • Total Attendees: 750
    Students: 500
    Faculty: 50
    Executives: 115

Casablanca, Morocco – In addition to naming this year’s national champion team, the 2013 Enactus Morocco National Competition celebrated 10 years of the program’s operation in Morocco, as well as its more than 8,000 members and nearly 50,000 project beneficiaries.

Most notable at this year’s competition was each team’s commitment to helping others with their projects. It was clear the teams were focused on competing to make the biggest impact for good versus competing against each other. This was evidenced by students and audience members, who before the final round results announcement, chanted, “We all win!”

Claiming the national champion title was Mohammadia School of Engineering. The team showcased several innovative projects including an effort that recycled used plastic into bags, purses, and other accessories. This project directly empowered 15 people and countless others through environmental benefits. Their Solar Cooker project introduced new cooking methods to rural Moroccans who lack access to electricity or gas stoves. Another one of the team’s efforts focused on teaching the disadvantaged to create a business recycling glass into rings, earrings and necklaces.

Forums and networking opportunities rounded out this year’s event, many featuring Enactus alumni who highlighted how their experience in Enactus helped them initiate social businesses with greater impact. Additional speakers focused on the entrepreneurial environment in Morocco and the prospects for young entrepreneurs.
Special thanks goes to this year’s event sponsors: CDG, KOSMOS Energy, Richbond, BMCE Bank, Cosumar, La Marocaine Vie, AUDA, Electro Protect, DOLIDOL, AISSE, Mazars, Losange Bleu, Upward and the Office Chérifien des Phosphates.

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