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Morocco National Competition Highlights

  • July 21, 2015
  • By: Tona Rowett

Quick Facts Results

  • National Champion:
    Mohammedia School of Engineers (EMI)
  • Second Place:
    National Business School of Kenitra (ENCG Kenitra)
  • Third Place:
    Hassania School of Public Works (EHTP)
  • Fourth Place:
    Faculty of Science and Technolgy
    of Mohammedia (FST Mohammedia)

For those supporters who had the chance to attend the Enactus Morocco National Competition, they witnessed firsthand one of the most inspiring and energetic events held in Morocco this year on entrepreneurship and youth. The 12th annual event, this year’s national competition took place on 7 July at the Sheraton Hotel in Casablanca and brought together over 900 people, including 150 business leaders and 700 students for a day full of collaboration and excitement in celebration of Moroccan young social entrepreneurs.

The road to Johannesburg started last month with two regional competitions held in Tangiers and Marrakesh. Over 1,000 people and 34 teams participated in the events with the goal of earning one of 14 coveted spots in the national competition. Over two rounds of competition, the teams shared the entrepreneurial impact they made over the past year with judges, who narrowed the field down to a group of four final teams. Those teams took to the main stage in the evening, presenting to all attendees and the judging panel of 34 distinguished business leaders including Jean-Francois Etienne, CEO of Unilever Maghreb; Amine Mounir Alaoui, Executive Vice President of OCP Foundation; Outmane El Hassani, Director of OCP Entrepreneurship Network; Samir Benmakhlouf, CEO of Microsoft; and Mohamed Horani, CEO Worldwide of HPS. And thanks to their partnership with Azur Systems, the entire final round was live streamed for supporters around the world.

Presentation 2

In the end, for the third year in a row, the team from Mohammedia School of Engineers was named the national champions and they will now prepare to meet the world at the October Enactus World Cup. Initiatives like Project Breath helped the team win the national title: with the goal of ensuring a healthy living environment, the team developed two innovative technologies to provide clean and sustainable energy sources. The first is Boron, which are ecologically friendly briquettes made out of recycled materials; the second is Kanoun, a cooking stove that ensures total combustion and better aeration. By replacing traditional materials, the project has saved five tons of wood and 12 tons of carbon. Over 150 units of Kanoun have been sold, resulting in a 110% increase in monthly revenues and provided clean energy for 1,431 people.

Final Four sign
Champions cheering

The 12th annual Enactus Morocco National Competition also included a special ‘Meet the Leader’ session where students had the chance to learn from and interact with one of the country’s top executives, Jean-Francois Etienne, CEO of Unilever Maghreb, who shared his personal story and insights gained from his career. There were also multiple ‘Inspiring Entrepreneur’ sessions where attendees heard the stories of accomplished entrepreneurs including Lamia Bazir, young leader and social entrepreneur; Youssef Chaqor, CEO of Kilimanjaro Environement; and Adam Bouhdama, CEO of Education Media Company.

A series of additional awards, including the C3 College Community Challenge, were presented to celebrate the achievements of teams across the country, supported by OCP Entrepreneurship Network and Ford.

Guy with sign
Team in line
Team with sign

Generously sponsored by OCP Entrepreneurship Network, Kosmos Energy, Engie, Cosumar, Richbond, MAFODER, Unilever and other national partners, the event continues to receive substantial coverage in the national media, including this great article. And be sure to check out this report from the field video taken moments after the national champion announcement was made!

Take a look back at the Enactus Morocco National Competition in this great flashback video!

Translated from by Bing: “Tonight at Casablanca the national #ENACTUS competition. The atmosphere is simply unleashed!”

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