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In conjunction with the launch of Windows 10, our Corporate Partner, Microsoft, has announced the quest to find one global nonprofit that is upgrading the world to award a $500,000 prize, and you get to choose!

When you vote for Enactus, you are empowering more than 70,500 university students across 36 countries who are improving the lives of nearly 2 million people around the world!

How to Vote...

Voting Begins: 29 July 2015

You can vote by each of these methods once per day!

  • Twitter: Tweet mentioning @enactus and hashtags #vote and #UpgradeYourWorld
  • Instagram: Post tagging @enactus and hashtags #vote and #UpgradeYourWorld
  • Facebook: Visit this Facebook post from Windows. (http://on.fb.me/1JS8oFB). Comment by tagging @enactus #vote #UpgradeYourWorld.

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Enactus Upgrades your World

Through more than 4,900 community empowerment projects like these, Enactus students have the opportunity to upgrade the lives of nearly 2 million people. An additional $500,000 from Microsoft would help impact the lives of more students and the people they serve.

  • India

    An Enactus team trains women entrepreneurs to manufacture and market smokeless cookstoves, saving households from dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

  • United States

    Enactus students from Hawaii work with cacao farmers in the Ivory Coast of Africa to utilize waste cacao husks to create fertilizer and boost production.

  • Morocco

    An Enactus team empowers those in need to become entrepreneurs with an innovative and scalable system that provides clean drinking water.

  • Ireland

    Enactus students combat loneliness and provide added income for the elderly by helping them rent rooms in their homes to dependable students in need of housing.

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I set a reminder 2 #vote in Microsoft #UpgradeYourWorld daily bc @Enactus students empower nearly 2 million people each year. Will you?

Help @Enactus win $500,000 in Microsoft #UpgradeYourWorld contest. #Vote daily with a tweet just like this one.


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Help Enactus empower more students and the people they serve by posting on http://on.fb.me/1JS8oFB. Tag Enactus and post “I #vote for Enactus to #UpgradeYourWorld.” Together, we are making a better world.