Mexico to serve as host country for 2013 Enactus World Cup

Mexico to serve as host country for 2013 Enactus World Cup
December 3, 2012 World Cup 11 comments

Enactus World Headquarters announced today that the 2013 World Cup will be held 29 September – 1 October in Cancun, Mexico.

“This will be our first time to hold the World Cup in Latin America and we’re excited about the opportunity to bring our signature event to such a dynamic and important country as Mexico.”
– Alvin Rohrs, President & CEO, Enactus

The event will take place at the prestigious Moon Palace Resort, which has hosted meetings for a number of international organizations such as the United Nations and World Health Organization, as well as numerous Enactus partner companies. Situated 30 minutes south of Cancun and just 12 minutes south of the Cancun International Airport, the all-inclusive property contains 2,434 sleeping rooms and a conference center that is among the largest, most flexible and most technologically sophisticated in all of Mexico.

As the organization’s signature global event, the Enactus World Cup brings together an international audience of student, academic and business leaders to showcase how they are enabling progress around the world through entrepreneurial action. Set against the backdrop of a global competition in which the national champions from 39 countries will present the impact of their outreach projects, the event offers numerous opportunities for cultural exchange, learning, collaboration and networking among the attendees.

2013 will mark the 13th consecutive World Cup and the first time event is being held in Latin America. The host country, Mexico is an economic powerhouse within Latin America and the world. It has the 11th largest economy globally, is sixth in the world in annual tourism, the largest exporter in Latin America and is a member of OECE, G8+5, G5 and BRIMC. With half the country’s population under the age of 27, Mexico represents a place of vitality, hope and potential and is a perfect setting for an event as full of energy and optimism as the Enactus World Cup.

The Enactus country operation in Mexico has gained significant momentum in recent years and is poised to leverage a strong local network of influential leaders and corporate partners in support of the World Cup. They’re also achieving success attracting the interest of new and strategically important organizations such as Grupo Televisa (the largest Spanish content television, radio, film, internet and publishing media company in the world), which has pledged their support to raise the profile of the World Cup locally, regionally and globally.

“We are honored that World Cup 2013 will be held in Mexico. All the members of Enactus Mexico are excited for the opportunity to share our rich history, culture and entrepreneurial spirit with the rest of the global network. We’re committed to helping ensure a meaningful and rewarding World Cup experience for the thousands of members expected to attend the 2013 event.”
– Jesus Esparza, President, Enactus Mexico

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