Innovation Flows from Students to Improve Waterways

Innovation Flows from Students to Improve Waterways
March 28, 2019 Student Success 0 comments

Enactus China is piloting an InnoTech Challenge—an innovative platform to accelerate tech-enabled solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. Through InnoTech, Enactus is linking team projects with potential funders to accelerate commercialization.

The Challenge draws ideas and action from students in 16 cities with teams pursuing the goal of further commercialization and funding opportunities from investors.

Among the recent winners is a team from Northwestern Polytechnical University, which developed a water-surface cleaning robot. This team has already garnered $200,000 in seed funding and is in development to launch their second version water-surface cleaning robot series.

This new technology addresses waste in waterways. Why? Because more than 8 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the ocean every year with 90% of it flowing from just 10 rivers, according to the World Economic Forum.

This is one of thousands of examples of commercially viable enterprises Enactus students are launching. The project garnered attention and support from a global retailer, and it’s evolved into a technology that uses a bath boat, which makes creating cleaner waterways a fun family activity. The game launched in the London area in February and is signaling an innovative way to compete and commercialize a project.