National Competitions

Highlights from the 2017 Enactus Mexico National Competition

  • August 4, 2017
  • By: Tona Rowett

Quick Facts Results

  • National Champion:
    University of Guadalajara, University
    Center of los Valles (CU Valles)
  • Second Place:
    Milenium Technological University, Veracruz
    Campus (Tec Milenio Veracruz)
  • Third Place:
    Praiseworthy Autonomous
    University of Puebla (BUAP)
  • Fourth Place:
    Puebla Valley University (UVP)

Nearly 1,100 Enactus Mexico supporters met at the City Bananex Convention Center in Mexico City on 25-26 June for the country’s national competition, which kicked off with an energy-filled and exciting opening ceremony. In addition to a welcome from Jesús Esparza, Enactus Mexico President and VP of Enactus Worldwide, attendees had the opportunity to hear from keynote speaker Guillermo Jamie, President and CEO of MIA Group, who spoke about social capitalism and his experience starting his social enterprise, a low-income housing development company.

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In a vibrant display of national pride and unity, the event featured a State Fair, similar to the World Cultural Experience at World Cup, where teams set up booths to showcase their state’s culture and customs. What a wonderful way to network while experiencing different regions of your country in one place!

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Thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm of the Enactus Mexico social ambassadors, there was no shortage of great posts covering all aspects of the event; simply search #WeAllWinMexico and see for yourself! What’s more, we connected with +SocialGood, who invited two of the social ambassadors to take over their social platforms to share the event and the impact being made across Mexico. Read more in this great article!

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Other highlights from the event included the Top to Top Panel Discussion, moderated by Ruben Cruz, a partner at KPMG, and featuring an impressive list of CEOs including Victor Esquivel, CEO of KPMG Mexico; Antonio Martins, CEO of IBM Mexico; Marcelo Melchior, President and CEO of Nestlé Mexico; and Juan Servitje, Enactus Mexico Chairman and President of RICH’S LATAM. Also, Enactus Mexico signed a collaboration agreement with the National Association of Universities & Higher Education Institutions (ANUIES) to promote and develop social enterprise using the Enactus Social Business Journey methodology.

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Now on to the competition: after a series of regional events, 30 teams earned a place in the national competition, presenting their projects to 48 executives serving as judges in the first round. Those judges had the difficult task of narrowing the field to a four finalist teams, who took to the main stage to share how they used entrepreneurial action to improve lives. On the final round judge panel, 56 of the country’s leading executives evaluated their work.

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In the end, those judges selected the team from University of Guadalajara, University Center of los Valles as this year’s Enactus Mexico National Champion, impressed with their work empowering women through Amazolli, a social enterprise that turns waste into consumer products.

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The spirit of celebration was strong throughout the event, with numerous awards presented in addition to the national cup. Most notable, perhaps, was the presentation of the Empowering Change Award, a special recognition presented by Enactus Mexico and KPMG to an individual who has succeeded in business while making a commitment to giving back to society. This year’s recipient was Mr. Antonio del Valle, Founder and President of Kaluz Group, the world’s largest PVC producer with operations in more than 30 countries.

Want more highlights from this year’s Enactus Mexico competition? Don’t miss this great flashback video!

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