Guest Post: National Competition Judge Impressed by Students’ Pursuit of Solutions

Guest Post: National Competition Judge Impressed by Students’ Pursuit of Solutions
July 3, 2013 Guest Post, National Competitions 0 comments

Congratulations Enactus China On An Impressive National Competition!

As the CEO of a leading recruitment firm in China that introduces top talents to leading MNCs, I pay a lot of attention to exceptional candidates with strong soft skills that allow them to rise above the crowd. I’ve even written two books for mainland professionals on this topic.

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Larry Wang

Larry Wang
Chief Executive Officer at
Wang & Lie Asia Resources

Founder and CEO of China’s 2008 Recruitment Firm of the Year and author of career development books “How to DYFET, or How to Develop Yourself as a Future Executive, Today!” and “Know the Game, Play the Game”.

Normally, you don’t see very strong soft skills among university students in China, where the education system is highly textbook and classroom-oriented. However, from the very first presentation I saw from the Shanghai University of Science & Technology (SUFE) team as a judge at this year’s Enactus National Competition, I was immediately impressed by their well-rounded capabilities. Their Coffee Green project on recycling coffee grounds to create/provide economic value was both innovative and easy to envision as a sustainable, high impact solution to low-income city residents. And beyond just their polished presentation delivery, their project research, planning, and execution, and pursuit of solutions were all outstanding.

When they finished, I was actually concerned since there were four more project presentations to come, and I had just witnessed one that was “near perfect.” I even wondered if many of my own highly capable staff could have delivered such a result. Even more impressive was finding out later that most SUFE team members were just 1st year students!

I was also struck by the level of passion, commitment, and enthusiasm that all the Enactus students had towards their projects. Rather than the very structured, traditional education approach that most experience in China, Enactus projects allow students to get outside their books and classrooms where they encounter and address real world challenges, experience practical learning, impact others, and thrive.

This year’s Enactus National Competition was also one of the best events I’ve ever attended to interact with top executives and HR professionals. With a common interest in supporting today’s young generation of top talents, it was easy to connect with many other attendees from top global companies.

Next year, I look forward to getting further involved as a project advisor for an Enactus team. Until then, I’ve got my money on the team from SUFE to take the top prize at the World Competition in Mexico. If they do, in fact, win it all, then you heard it here first!