National Competitions

Guatemala National Competition Highlights

  • August 25, 2015
  • By: Tona Rowett

Quick Facts Results

  • National Champion:
    University of the Valley of Guatemala, South Campus
  • Second Place:
    University of the Valley of Guatemala, Central Campus
  • Third Place:
    Rafael Landívar University

For the third year in a row, the Enactus team from the University of the Valley of Guatemala, South Campus has won the Enactus Guatemala national champion and the honor of representing their country at the Enactus World Cup taking place in South Africa this October. Along with eight other teams, they entered the competition with excitement and pride, ready to share with peers and executives from across the country the amazing impact they’ve had over the past year. In the first round, 54 judges evaluated the presentations, eventually selecting three final teams to take to the main stage. Those three teams gave the presentation of their lives to a panel of 56 leading executives serving as final round judges, inspiring all 908 supporters with their efforts to change lives through entrepreneurial action.

OR presentation 2
OR judges
FR presentation

The team’s Smart Farming and Cap System projects were just two of the initiatives that set them apart. In Smart Farming, the team took advantage of the country’s agricultural strength to provide an income earning opportunity for the 60% of women country-wide who don’t have steady employment. They worked with 16 women to develop new product lines from current agricultural processes, including clay products, flowers and creative textiles. The resulting company generated over US$9,000 in revenue last year, and is on track to almost double for 2015. Their Cap System initiative addresses with an important environmental issue: 68% of trash in Guatemala is not properly collected, resulting in illegal dumps and run off that pollutes drinking water, causing illness and death. The team built a prototype that catches rain water to use as drinking water, which is then provided to public schools. To date, more than 4,500 children have benefited from the collection and distribution of over 96,000 liters of clean drinking water.

Champions cheering

The event, which took place 13-14 July at the Hotel Real Intercontinental in Guatemala City, included more than just the competition. There was a special reception to honor and engage alumni who remain active in the program. Those alumni had the chance to offer their advice to current students, which was then shared on social media throughout the event. Attendees had the chance to hear from two powerful keynote speakers: Dr. Dionisio Gutiérrez, President of the Freedom and Development Foundation, focused on inspiring young people about the value of their involvement in the transformation of countries like Guatemala and the value of their work that changes the lives of others and themselves. Bernhard Haidacher, Vice President of IPMA, shared the importance of effective project management and offered on overview of existing tools for better measurement and management of projects.

Speaker - Gutiérrez

There was also a Women Business Forum that showcased the impact and value of entrepreneurial action made by women both professionally, sharing the success stories of the panelists, and personally, illustrating the importance of values and balance in life to be successful. Overall, the panel showed that being entrepreneurial in both areas results in a positive change for both ourselves and those around us. The two panelists were María Olga Paiz of Grupo Delta, and Stephanie Zelaya, an accomplished Guatemalan singer.

Walking in to room
Handing out awards

The competition was sponsored by Centro Médico, Fundación Pantaleón, Invercorp, GC&S Corporación, NBS National Business School, Calidad Inmobiliaria, Xeabaj, Korbata, GNC, and Financiera SUMMA; and supported in kind by Corporación RCN, Solución Web, Librería Platino, Cardón Chocolates, Nova Creation, Studio Creativo, Mario Ventura Fotografía, and EdPotography.

Translated from Spanish: “He declared they are all winners.” – Dionisio Gutierrez – #YoApoyoEnactus

Translated from Spanish by Bing: “Impressive work of teams @enactusgt #YoApoyoEnactus”

Translated from Spanish by Bing: “The thrill exists in this final round! #YoApoyoEnactus

Translated from Spanish by Google: Good luck to the teams competing today @enactusgt! #YoApoyoEnactus

Translated from Spanish by Bing: “Very proud to be participating as a judge in the competition Enactus 2015 #YoApoyoEnactus @enactusgt