Enactus – Unilever Partnership Grow Entrepreneurial Skills Across Continents

Enactus – Unilever Partnership Grow Entrepreneurial Skills Across Continents
March 28, 2019 Partner Highlights 0 comments

Enactus global partner Unilever is driving engagement to meet its business goals and support the Enactus goal to engage the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders. As part of the longstanding partnership between Unilever in South Africa and Enactus South Africa, Unilever’s Employer Brand team invited 40 Enactus members to attend the Unilever Africa Idea Trophy (UAIT) Finals held in February.

The competition aims to equipped young African leaders from across Africa with key skills required in the workplace through tapping into their entrepreneurial mindsets targeting solutions for youth unemployment on the continent. The program included a powerful Youth Employability workshop and a networking session with Unilever Executive Leaders where the students engaged them through reversed mentorship sessions.

Similar to the reversed mentorship program in South Africa, Enactus Brazil and partner Unilever are embarking on the fifth year of a program that connects Unilever’s Future Leaders with Enactus students, who benefit from learning alongside early-in-career mentors. The mentoring program focuses on teaming young leaders with the next generation of leaders, creating an opportunity for Enactus students to gain insights from professionals closer in age but with real-world experience. Additionally, mentors help students with projects, career counseling and inspiration.

In turn, Unilever trainees gain skills in coaching virtual teams without hierarchy, act as brand ambassadors and take a lead role in identifying and selecting talent. In fact, the Unilever Future Leaders play an active role in selecting Enactus students who may find internships at Unilever.  In 2018, 11% of Unilever Brazil’s interns were participants in this program and 15-20% of all Unilever Brazil interns in 2019 are Enactus alumni.