Tunisia Tunisia


Founded 2008

  • Tunisia

    Capital City: Tunis
    Population: 11,254,000
    GDP: 43,015,000,000 USD

  • 70 Teams

  • 2,866 Students

  • 43 Projects

  • 144,257 Hours Volunteered

National Competition Highlights

Current National Champion

2022 National Champion Coming Soon!

Upcoming National Event

Date: 27-30 June
City: Tunis / Venue: Laico Hotel

Active Teams

  • ESPRIT University El Ghazala
  • Higher Institute of Commerce and Accountancy of Bizerte ISCCB
  • Higher Institute of Computer Science of El Manar ISI
  • Higher Institute of Technological Studies In Communications of Tunis ISET'COM
  • Higher School of Fine Arts of Tunis ISBAT
  • Higher School of Food Industry of Tunis ESIAT
  • Institute of Higher Commercial Studies of Carthage IHEC
  • National Engineering School of Bizerte ENIB
  • National Engineering School of Gabes ENIG
  • National Engineering School of Monastir ENIM
  • National Higher School of Engenirees of Tunis ENSIT
  • Tunisia Business School TBS
  • Tunisia Polytechnic School EPT

Board of Directors

Abdelaziz Darghouth - Chairman
Founder & General Manager, PR Power
Sami Chahed - Vice Chairman
General Manager for North & West Africa, REGUS
Slim Ben Ammar
General Manager, Sodexo Tunisia