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  • Soap making skills craft bright futures for boys in foster care

    Kiersten Post Regional Program Manager, USA Enactus alumna-turned-staff Kiersten Post discusses Soapy Tales, a project from her former team. Students empowered boys in foster care to make soap, teaching them money management and job skills that prepared them for the future. When children in foster care turn 18, they can no longer stay in foster […]

  • Students help farmers find financial stability

    In the Dahanu district of Maharashtra, India near Dhundalwadi village, rice farmers struggle to provide for their families, especially during the dry seasons. Many times, the men are forced to migrate to seek labor jobs while women seek work on other farms for meager wages. An Enactus team in the area noticed the problem and […]

  • Enactus team teaches homeless individuals employment skills

    In the United Kingdom, over 400,000 people are homeless. Even when these individuals are able to stay in shelters, they still face significant challenges. They lack support, financial management education, work skills and confidence. This makes it difficult for them to find employment and housing and lift themselves out of homelessness. ‚ÄčThe Enactus team at […]