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  • Turning the Tide to ‘Keep Appy’

    Based on personal experience, Aimee Louise Carton from Enactus Trinity College Dublin (TCD) launched, “Keep Appy,” a mental wellness app which monitors moods, tracks data and provides unique insight into each user’s mental wellness journey. Since founding Keep Appy, Aimee has represented Enactus TCD and Keep Appy at the Global Social Innovation Challenge in San […]

  • Enactus Enterprise Captures Eye of Dragon’s Den Investors

    Enactus uOttawa alumni and students competed and captured investment on Dragon’s Den, a nationally syndicated TV show where aspiring entrepreneurs pitch businesses to investors for funding and support in business development. The Growcer is a social enterprise that manufactures commercial-grade hydroponic farms for anyone who is interested in providing fresh and affordable produce locally. The […]

  • Innovation Flows from Students to Improve Waterways

    Enactus China is piloting an InnoTech Challenge—an innovative platform to accelerate tech-enabled solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. Through InnoTech, Enactus is linking team projects with potential funders to accelerate commercialization. The Challenge draws ideas and action from students in 16 cities with teams pursuing the goal of further commercialization and funding opportunities from investors. […]