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  • Partnering to Advance the Potential of Startups

    Enactus Germany hosted a Start-up Accelerator in April bringing together more than 200 long-term Enactus supporters, students, university staff and some who experienced Enactus for the first time. The event was held at Procter and Gamble‚Äôs Germany headquarters and generously supported by Finance in Motion. During the Startup Accelerator, 12 Enactus teams present projects in […]

  • Motivating #NextGenLeaders to Gear up Mobility Innovations¬†

    Ford Motor Company Fund has relaunched the Ford Motor Company Fund Mobility Innovation Challenge for 2019 after a successful year rewarding Enactus student efforts in 2018. Last year, six teams were awarded funds to scale projects and continue work toward creating significant impact and creating a better world for us all. With investment now flowing to […]