Guest Post, World Cup


  • September 22, 2016
  • By: Tona Rowett

The following is a guest blog post by JJ Freijo, Head of Sustainability at Brambles, one of our generous World Cup Host Country Sponsors. Like us, they are passionate about sustainability and have partnered with us in launching the 1 Race 2 End Waste global initiative. Read about one executive’s Enactus experience and why he believes in our organization.


I was first introduced to Enactus in 2014, when Brambles participated in the Beijing World Cup. The following year, I had the privilege of attending the Johannesburg event, and I was blown away! Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility are part of my scope of work, but nothing could have prepared me for the energy, passion and enthusiasm I felt when I attended the World Cup. Here, I met students from all over the world who were actually making a difference in the world. They selflessly cared more about helping their communities and building a sustainable world than any personal reward.


As I spoke to students and teachers, I learned so much from this generation. You see, these young professionals want to make an impact in the world. We hear this from the media, that ‘millenials’ are demanding more socially conscious and sustainable brands. These students go one step beyond, actively changing the way we do business, because they want something greater than an increased profit – they also want to build a better world.

I also have the privilege to work with some of the students in our company through our recruitment and internship programme. They are making an impact in our organization, giving an example of outstanding professionalism, business orientation and passion for sustainable action. These students are exceptionally mature for their age, something that has surely been reinforced by their Enactus experience.

This year, once again, I have the awesome honor of being part of history in Toronto. I am excited to be part of something greater, and to witness the world’s future leaders take charge.