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Australia National Competition Highlights

  • July 30, 2015
  • By: Tona Rowett

Quick Facts Results

  • National Champion:
    University of New England
  • Second Place:
    Edith Cowan University
  • Third Place:
    The University of Western Australia
  • Fourth Place:
    Queensland University of Technology

One of the defining features of an Enactus event is collaboration: current and future leaders coming together to share ideas, learn from each other and make valuable connections around the shared belief that entrepreneurial action can improve our world. A new event at this year’s Enactus Australia National Competition, held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Melbourne on 8 – 9 July, was a great example of this. In addition to the national competition, they staged a special competition for new teams where the teams gave a shortened presentation to judges with an extended open question and answer session for judges and veteran teams to offer feedback and further explore their initiatives. Five new teams participated and received unparalleled insight into how they can further grow and develop their programs, with the team from Federation University Australia being named Best New Team.

Best New Team

The collaboration and learning did not end there: Anthony Mathis FCPA, General Manager of Education for CPA Australia, led a workshop for 53 students on “Networking for Impact”, which focused on skills building and provided examples of how to ensure their personal brand is always professional through their communication, courtesy, and understanding of business protocols. The University of Western Australia facilitated a workshop on how to develop the most effective Team/BAB partnership and discussed best practices, using their own team as an example. The University of Sydney led a session on how to maintain project and team momentum during the summer break. They discussed how to set up and manage internships and use them as a means to continue the ground work for projects and to identify potential new team members. CSIRO conducted a workshop on ethics where students were divided into boards of organizations and given ethical dilemma scenarios to address and resolve, teaching them to consider both the issue and all stakeholders as part of the resolution process.

Enactus Day 2 Low Res-155

More than 400 supporters came together over the two day event, where 12 teams participated in the national competition. In the first two rounds, 51 judges had the difficult task of narrowing the field to four final teams, who took to the main stage in hopes of being named the national champion. After an afternoon of impressive presentations and insightful question and answer sessions, the team from University of New England was presented with the trophy and will now prepare to represent their country in the Enactus World Cup taking place in Johannesburg this October.

Final presentation

Particularly impressive was the team’s Minimbah Project, developed after they realized that there are literally thousands of indigenous and lower socio-economic groups in their area who have insufficient financial, social or human assets to register their children’s births and acquire a birth certificate. With the goal of ensuring equal opportunity for all Australians to access their legal identity and fully participate in mainstream society, the team secured government grant funding and partnered with local community organizations to organized “sign up” days at local schools and community centers where families were able to complete birth registrations and birth certificate applications. They were also educated in how to access bank accounts, secure a driver’s license, and apply for a passport. In total, 1,416 birth certificates were secured and a professional manager has been appointed to educate local leaders and ensure the sustainability of the initiative.

Enactus Day 2 Low Res-19
Enactus Day 2 Low Res-133
Enactus Day 3 Low Res-28

The event was supported by an impressive list of generous organizations: Unilever, Lend Lease, Staples, and HSBC sponsored opening round leagues; Woolworths Limited and KPMG were semi-final round league sponsors; and CHEP sponsored the final round. There was also a series of special recognition awards: Ridley Corporation provided support for the New Team Special Competition; American Express supported the Most Outstanding Faculty Advisor award won by Edith Cowan University’s Janet Simmons and the Most Outstanding Student Award won by David Ky from University of New South Wales, as well as travel awards. And HSBC sponsored the Best Practice BAB award, won by the University of Western Australia.

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