Guest Post

Enactus World Cup: A Message from Sealed Air

  • October 12, 2015
  • By: Tona Rowett

The following is a guest blog post by one of our generous World Cup Event Sponsors, Sealed Air Corporation. Learn more about their commitment to sustainability and why our overlapping values make us ideal partners.

JP_Sealed_Air_075_FinalSealed Air is proud of our long-time partnership with Enactus, now 17 years strong. We were initially drawn to the organization, and continue to stay involved, because of our shared values: passion, innovation, collaboration, and integrity are at the center of all we do. As we look forward to participating in the upcoming Enactus World Cup in Johannesburg, we wanted to take this opportunity to share a little more about our company and our commitment to sustainability, an issue we know is important to all Enactus students as they work to affect change around the world.

Sustainability is at the core of all we do. It is the heart of the company’s mission to re-imagine the industries that we serve and create a world that feels, tastes and works better.

Sealed Air is committed to growing and safeguarding businesses, conserving resources, and making the world a better place with improved food safety, healthier environments and greater protection. Where once Sealed Air focused on packaging solutions, today nearly everything we do assists our customers in the pursuit of their sustainability goals.

Our recent rebranding effort highlights the integral role sustainability plays in the Sealed Air identity. The three sides of the Trillian, our new logo, symbolize the values we bring to bear on behalf of our customers — sustainability, performance and cost competitiveness.

Our vision is to create a better way for life. We seek to provide solutions that benefit our customers, our employees and communities around the world today, and in the days and years to come. In turn, we believe sustainability to be the means by which the vision will be realized.

Sealed Air employees know I am fond of saying that if the business were founded today, we would name it “The Sustainability Company.” I very strongly believe, and our leadership is charting the course for achieving our vision while generating value on behalf of customers and stockholders alike.

We welcome the opportunity to visit with all of you when we come together in South Africa in just a few weeks – come and see us at the Innovation Station, and be sure to stop and visit with our participating executives when you see them. Congratulations on all of your hard work and achievements this year, and best of luck to the competing teams as you prepare for the event. We can’t wait to be inspired by your work.