• University of Guadalajara, University Center of Tonalá

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After learning about a solar powered food dehydrator from another Enactus team, students at the University of Guadalajara, University Center of Tonalá knew they could put the innovation to good use in their own community and address a number of issues at once. The team put on training workshops for interested residents to teach them how to use the solar dehydrator as well as an overview on how to market and sell the final product at a local market. Not only is the final product a healthy food item that particularly appeals to children, but the process ensures that the fruits and vegetables aren’t wasted while also providing a sustainable economic opportunity for community residents. The project has directly impacted 93 individuals, including both children and adults in the community, in addition to launching one new business and creating 10 new jobs.

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As an Art Design major, Paula saw in Enactus an opportunity to build her business knowledge while giving her an outlet to help people. After seeing a recruitment presentation on campus, she signed right up and two years later, she is in charge design for the team. Designing the packaging for their Desali project was particularly rewarding and she’s been able to see firsthand the impact of her hard work. As she prepares to travel to Toronto with her team, she looks forward to meeting talented people from different cultures, while learning about the amazing projects going on around the world.

More about Paula:

  • Book she’s currently reading: Dear Diego by Elena Poniatowska
  • Her personal theme song: Four Seasons by Vivaldi
  • One person who inspires her: The Campana brothers
  • Enactus in one word: Imagination
  • Single best Enactus moment: Seeing the people in the community smiling while I was merchandizing their products
  • In five years, she will be…: An accomplished designer incorporating environmental elements in my work and pursuing an equal society

When the faculty advisor personally invites you to join the Enactus team, you listen. And that’s exactly what happened to Armando, who was inspired to join after seeing a few Enactus videos that highlighted the great work being done to help people in communities around the world. Now involved for three years, he is the team’s finance expert and played a key role in developing sales projections and pricing strategies for their Desali project. When he thinks about his upcoming World Cup experience, he is excited to learn about the world class projects, while making new connections.

More about Armando:

  • Book he’s currently reading: The Golden Notebook by Doris Leasing
  • His personal theme song: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
  • One person who inspires him: Bo Jackson
  • Enactus in one word: Initiative
  • Single best Enactus moment: Proving that my financial projections were correct
  • In five years, he will be…: Owning my own company that develops families in my community

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