The Enactus World Headquarters operations are led by a highly motivated staff of more than 60 professionals. In addition to the World Headquarters team, more than 100 staff manage the day-to-day operations of each Enactus country. Together, these individuals make up a diverse and talented group of leaders committed to achieving the Enactus mission around the world. We’re especially proud that a significant number of these individuals, from our CEO to many country leaders, are alumni of the Enactus program. Listed below are the members of the Enactus World Headquarters leadership team.

  • Alvin Rohrs

    Alvin Rohrs

    President & CEO
  • Nor Coquillard

    Nor Coquillard

    Chairman, Enactus China
  • Kleber DePaulo

    Kleber DePaulo

    President, Enactus Brazil
  • Jesus Esparza

    Jesus Esparza

    President, Enactus Mexico
  • Donna Patterson

    Donna Patterson

    Chief Global Fundraising Officer
  • Alex Perwich

    Alex Perwich

    President, Enactus United States
  • Farhan Pettiwala

    Farhan Pettiwala

    President, Enactus India
  • Doug Pitt

    Doug Pitt

    Corporate Executive Consultant, IT
  • Christine Rader

    Christine Rader

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Shmita Ramkumar

    Shmita Ramkumar

    Vice President, Global Programs & Impact
  • Terry Torok

    Terry Torok

    Chief Innovation Officer
  • Lena Zamchiya

    Lena Zamchiya

    Vice President, International Affiliate Division