SIFE Changes Name to Highlight a Deep Commitment to Entrepreneurial Action

SIFE Changes Name to Highlight a Deep Commitment to Entrepreneurial Action
September 30, 2012 Rebranding 114 comments

Students in Free Enterprise, the world’s best-known and most successful program helping university students to create community empowerment projects, has changed its name to Enactus to reaffirm its long-standing commitment to using entrepreneurial action as a catalyst for progress.

“Our organization was created almost 40 years ago—long before concepts like micro-loans and social enterprises even existed—in order to prove the transformative power the entrepreneurial spirit can have in people’s lives,” said Alvin Rohrs, Enactus’ CEO. “Our core belief has always been that the same kind of creativity and rigor and accountability that fuels businesses around the world is not only transferrable but actually essential to human progress.”

The organization has pioneered a groundbreaking model that deploys student teams, with the advice and support of academic and business leaders, to design and implement community empowerment projects in 39 countries. “Our organization is built around a core set of principles, rather than a specific formula,” notes Mat Burton Enactus’ Chief Marketing Officer. “Every year we literally create 1,600 ‘innovation labs’—each finding innovative ways to address difficult challenges in communities around the world.”

“There’s really nothing else quite like it,” added Rohrs. “We needed a name that reflected that uniqueness. Something that captured the entrepreneurial spirit that fuels everything we do. We were also eager to create a name that reflected how global this organization has become. Entrepreneurial action is not something that is relevant to a single culture or nationality. What we do is just as powerful in Shanghai as it is in Sao Paulo, just as transformative whether we are in San Francisco or Sydney.

In fact, the name change is only the first step in an aggressive effort to expand the organization’s level of reach and impact. Equally important is the influence Enactus has on the 57,000 students that participate in creating projects each year. The experience has a profound impact on the kind of leaders they become, and the type of work they choose to do in their lives.

“This is a time for leaders who can see opportunity where others can’t, and turn that opportunity into value. Leaders who can look beyond the status quo and bring imagination and ingenuity and a sense of possibility to the challenges of our time,” said Rohrs. “Enactus is committed to fostering that kind of leader.”

  • Joseph

    expect more!

  • Tim

    Love the new name and website.

  • Anass Kadry – Egypt

    ALRIGHT .. so how the logo will be looks like for each team ???????

  • Can’t make the logo generator work 🙁


    The name sounds strange,but the website looks great!

  • No! I´m SIFE´r!

    • Elaine Lin

      It’s kind of weird to call yourself an Enactuser really…

  • I love the new name
    but we need a new logo D:

  • It’s growing on me!!!!! I’m excited. The new logo screams “creativity.” It’s great 🙂

    • Kanyi

      ohh yes… am I

    • prince

      Its sick isn’t it, better than the four letters… Who came up with it?

    • Ohmigosh! whats creative about that logo! I had to scroll up to check the logo again and be sure it was the same logo you were talking about.

      • ImaBore

        The logo reminds me of a paper hat worn by a fast-food server.

  • Jubel

    The longer you “taste” the name, the better it is. And the logo is great!

  • Kanyi

    The faster we accept the change the more we realise that the name actuially does sound good. Change can be awesome sometimes….just give it a chance

    • I like your positive attitude, but there seems to have been so little consultation and as a result we end up with a terribly corporate-sounding name and a loss of the brand we’ve all worked to develop.

  • Jamie

    I like the name and the story that goes with it…but not enough justification for a NAME and LOGO change. 40 years of brand equity built up in SIFE. Needs a better explanation. Any info on the logo? What is the meaning?

    • dssadas


    • Bernice

      i am a SIFE/ENACTUS aluminus and the name SIFE does not need explanation. now you will have to explain yourself everywhere you go. the brand SIFE was strong

  • DA

    I don’t like this stupid name, I don’t like logo. I like SIFE!!!! It’s my life, it’s the name, that very famous. I am killed(((

  • Al

    Enactus? Sounds too much like the anti-fungal creme “Tinactin.” “Tough Actin’ Enactus!”

  • Great job with the rebranding. It would be great if SIFE Alum and SIFE students could make iterations to the name though. If there was some type of “Beta” with the new name choice process… A post re-branding survey, like SIFE teams would do. I love the term “Entreprenerus in Action” and think we can really build on that…

  • Amr Maher

    the logo sucks and yeah the name too, and how could the board take such a decision without even asking the students, cause simply the organization is nothing without the students
    Proud to be a SIFER

  • Mohamed M

    Logo goes great with WLU colours.

  • It is not my favorite name. I wish they would have just called it Enact, or Entrepreneurs in Action. But the change is final, time to figure it out.


    It was my understanding they changed the name because of the translation in countries that do not use the English language. I do like the name, however, I believe it sounds to much like “Inactive”. When I told my team someone said they didn’t want to known as “inactive”. I had to explain it was Enactus!

  • Doreen

    it will really take some time for SIFE’rs to get use to this new name.

  • May

    didnt lke it :/

  • B. Byrd

    The rare Enactus plant grows sporadically in the far reaches of the vast Sonoran Desert…

  • Lorenz

    Makes me think of “actus reus”, common legal
    term which is Latin for “guilty act”. Using “us” as a final
    syllable can be troublesome, since it rhymes with many non-conducive words,
    such as a four letter one which for many species is the opening through which
    unwanted semi-solid matter is expelled. Also rhymes with many diseases and
    other conditions best avoided. Notwithstanding, the idea of students taking on
    the mantle of entrepreneurs for the good of all global citizens is truly
    wholesome and awesome. The openness and transparency of this web site
    is also highly commendable.

  • S. Feller

    Is that a Napoleonic bicorne hat above the name, or a dunce cap?

  • Mike Callahan

    I felt that SIFE was about providing our students with the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge, build a track record and make connections with a myriad of employers. They accomplish this by pursuing projects that have a profound impact on their communities. I am wondering if the name change signifies a shift away from helping students launch careers to helping society in general. Nothing wrong with the latter objective and it is certainly necessary, but is that what the majority of our students want and need? There is a reason that 57,000 students are engaged. They want to have an impact but they want a job!

  • S. Feller

    Is that a Napoleonic bicorne hat above the name, or a dunce cap?

  • Amanda Harris

    A truly stupid name that has no meaning. The logo looks like a piece of origami. Why the heck did you guys decide to mess up a success??? What was wrong with SIFE as a name? Everyone knows automatically what it stands for (literally and figuratively). What the heck does Enactus mean???? It’s not even easy to say, nor does it create a cool cheer or slogan. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

  • Amanda Harris

    I think the name is dumb. It sounds like a pharmaceutical product for erectile dysfunction. It’s not a real word and has no meaning — while I am on the topic, the list of goals on the mission statement are non-specific and sound like slogans written by a batch of ad-men. You did not rebrand and improve SIFE, you deconstructed it and created something else from the parts. I wish you all well with this rebranding…but you “fixed” something that did not need fixing.

  • LivingOnTheEdge

    i love the new name… when one door closes, another door opens… we can see the glass as half full or half empty… this new name screams creativity and an opportunity for each of us to make it a success … let us be positive and lets grow together

  • When Steve Jobs came up with the brand “Apple”, he did not think it was stupid to name his company after a fruit. After all, performance is what really counts. As Shakespeare would say, “A rose by any other name would smell as great.”

    It is time to move past making sense of the change, and to start thinking about how we can actually become part of it. Honestly, I feel strange too about the new name, and it makes me think of a 1996 David Letterman top ten list of Californian names, where the No. 1 guy was named “Dick” by his parents whose last name was “Head”. But people with names like “Dick Hertz” and “Justa Duck” all grew up to be fully functional adults. And in hind sight, their names provided them with extra opportunities to showcase themselves. I don’t see why we can’t do that with our brand name. Suppose there’s a fundraiser and we want to sell cactus: Cactus for ENACTUS! It rhymes. Maybe not with everything, but it definitely sounds better than something like “Grapple the Apple”.

    ENACTUS. We are the way of the future.

    • Tony

      I think the name makes more sense with hyphens in between. Thus: EN-ACT-US

  • Prince

    I love the change, so much possibility lies ahead.

  • yahoo

    Please as far as students and the community are concerned, i dont think this is a viable name. if you the Executive members you included you ideas in the mission and vision of sife it was going to be fine, there is no rythm at all with your ”activist like name” this WORD trully has no imparct to our communities. Remember that especially in Africa, Asia and other continents other than America are working to improve the lives of poor illiterate, hopeless people, now we go to break these chains under such a stupid and soundless name, do you think its will work?… as for me amd my team we are sife”rs not your no sense, plioz consider it to be revised.
    WORRIED active and passionate member…

    • Great comment. It is a really soundless name. People will think we’re a corporate.



  • Sorry, really don’t like the re-brand. Sounds horribly corporate. Lost the student link. Lost your identity. #SIFE4ever

  • sounds more like a company and not an organisation for the youth. I like SIFE.

  • G. Wood

    The name “Enactus” is as prickly as a cactus!

  • N. D. Hall

    The word “Enactus” is so ridiculously difficult to articulate. Try saying Enactus “three times fast,” or “…an Enactus team…,” or the possessive of Enactus (Enactus’). Now try doing the same with the word “SIFE.” Did someone actually get paid to come up with this “hari-kari sword” of a name?!

  • K.C.

    Let us all celebrate the re-branding with a refreshing can of “New Coke!”

    • Tavonga Chigudugudze

      i cant imagine rebranding coke to marutsi

  • Lambotique Josephs

    I am currently the President of Enactus Chinhoyi University of Technology (Zimbabwe)
    I am quite fascinated about SIFE Worldwide’s re-branding to ENACTUS. The new brand name is good. I suppose the name stands for Entrepreneurial Action by Us.

    Well, SIFE (Students In Free Enterprise), was also a good name. My worry is that the name ENACTUS is more corporate than “student involved”. If ENACTUS stand for Entrepreneurial Action, then the student element is and cannot be easily recognised.

    I suggest the name ENACTUS must stand but it MUST have a student element on it….something like ….

    ENACTUS (Entrepreneurial Action by University Students), at least this brings us into the limelight as students. VIVA ENACTUS, with the students ahead in entrepreneurship.

    • i second yu

    • Amanda

      I like that as well. I feel us as the students have been eliminated from the equation.

    • Amanda

      This is a good point! Just a side note, your suggestion would exclude college students who are also involved in SIFE.

      • anonymousen

        “ENtrepreneurial ACTion by Us Students” would seal the deal… The student element is also emphasized by the word “us” 🙂

        • Joel

          Yeah, but that is just awkward, it doesn’t flow.

    • NgoniKay

      Good point the student element needs to come out somehow to clearly distinguish the population involved in contributing to the three ‘P’s

  • Carol

    If feel the new name has missed the mark. The organization is student centered, with out the students who contribute all the hours to projects around the world, there wouldn’t be an organization. Students In Free Enterprise incorporated “students” as part of the name which helped identify the organization..enactus dosen’t! We now have to go about re-introducing ourselves to our schools and community. So far, the response has been – a puzzled look and then what does the name stand for and why was it changed!

  • SIFE for Life!

    When I first heard the new name I thought it was a new ED pill. Horrible… what does it even mean? I remember a couple years ago when there was discussion of a new name and I recall people coming up with some great ideas. Given the business nature of our organization couldn’t we get some marketing minds together to come up with a more apt, catchy name? SIFE for life!!!

    • Tshepo

      i am going to enjoy the new SIFE. I am enactus for life

  • Ron

    Really sorry the name change was done, destroyed 40 years of branding not just to the public but on campuses around the country, we now have to rebrand on our own campus to students, administration and faculty, not an easy thing to do on a college campus, this kills what we have built in the local community and on our campus for the past decade plus – very sad to see the destruction this has created and the work that we now have to do to recoup recognition – may not even be worth the effort to be honest there are better ways for our students to spend their time. Very disgusted with SIFE right now.

  • I agreed with the president of enactus chinhoyi university.. it is ok to use the name but it is better for a student to be a part in the enactus.. “Entrepreneurial Action by University Students”..the name sounds great!! ;D

  • Tshepo Manakanyane

    I am going to enjoy the changes, lets embrace it and enjoy ENACTUS!!. I am from SIFE BAC Botswana, ie now Enactus BAC Botswana..

  • Tim Kortsmit

    This seems quite odd; I was under the impression that SIFE/ENACTUS had students at the forefront and main focus of its organization. With the new name, this critical element has been entirely removed. Additionally, all name recognition has been lost after such a long period of time building it up. What about the thousands of alumni that still identify themselves as SIFErs, such as myself?

    • Amanda Harris

      I agree. I am a former Sam Walton fellow and advisor to our college SIFE Team. Why weren’t students and advisors consulted about such a massive change? I do not identify with Enactus…I think the nat’l organization is losing its soul

  • Louis

    When I heard that SIFE was going to be re-christened, I was so excited and overly joyous because one will ordinarily expect something a lot better but when I found out it was highly disappointed… Fine, we could adapt to the tragic change but then, what is the essence of our existence? It’s my fifth (5th) year in SIFE and the name itself fills me with strength to make impact and positively transform lives. Now it’s like we have been used to build a Goodwill and dumped by transmitting the community-student based organization into a full flegded Corporate Company.
    The new name is meanless…
    The motives are pointless…
    Excuses will never create results!
    I’m Louis, SIFE Adekunle Ajasin University, Nigeria.

  • Tavonga Chigudugudze

    I am from SIFE University of Zimbabwe….i cant imagine calling myself enactus university of zimbabwe…it jus doesnt rhyme….so it means we gotta go thru all our docs change names..change logos, alter historical backgrounds…so when an alumni drives by where we will be working he sees a logo ENACTUS UZ he drives by…he knows and cares about SIFEUZ the team he wz in….honestly…with all due respect to the exercise of reason to those who moved and passed this name change motion…THIS SUCKS


    the sife brand name shouldnt have been left,they could as well have rebranded but left the name…it will take so many years for enactus to even reach half the impact the name sife has

  • Like “New Coke”, ENACTUS does not have to stand but it will take a huge outpouring of comments by members. I feel sorry that the name does not seem to focus on university students so our club will have to go with “Entrepreneurial Action by University Students” which is a real mouthful. We also came up with a new Motto, “Track us, back us, contact us, ENACT US” This is really tough. Employers know SIFE when they read a student’s resume and it is going to be so tough to transfer that brand equity to ENACTUS.

  • Richard

    I suggest that SIFE must still exist as a students’ section under the broader ENACTUS which sounds more corporate

  • Richard

    Making the name mean “Entrepreneurial Action by University Students” will automatically exclude fellow SIFErs who are not in the universities. Honorable Executives, let us have SIFE as the student body under the broader ENACTUS. Thanks!!
    (SIFE Organizing Secretary, University of Cape Coast, Ghana)

  • Rakesh Pal

    Hello.. I am currently in a Marketing Department of Enactus from Taylor’s University Malaysia.. The new brand name sounds good but as compare the old one sounds more Social and Logical for Business..

  • Charty

    40 years of SIFE, and its now being change to ENACTUS? It wont be easy selling de name……………I am proud to be a SIFER

  • Moseph

    SIFE isn’t just for university students. I participated in SIFE at a community college

  • William

    SIFE is trying to enact us? If so, I’m just a bill, and here’s my song:

  • mrajj

    Well I’ve registered under SIFE not ENACTUS. Even though it is impossible to change it back to SIFE, I think it would be nice if the name ‘SIFE’ still exist for students but under Enactus. Like a sub-unit or something.

  • Former Sam Walton Fellow

    The name change should have been thought through more carefully. What does it stand for anyway? “Entreprenuerial action by us”?

  • This re-branding is a step backwards for the worldwide organization. The former name has a massive following, and, along with the popular slogan “A head for business, a heart for the world,” sums up everything the organization does and believes.

    Enactus does not do this. It leaves out the student component and an emphasis on free market ideals. The “student pride” of SIFE is a major part of its identity and what motivates its members. It also swaps an acronym that represents a coherent phrase for three disparate words that don’t convey an understandable thought. “Entrepreneurial, Action, Us” takes the power from these words because of their order and lack of grammatical agreement (Entrepreneurial is an adjective, Action is a noun). These may not seem like major issues, but they are. Any marketing professional should remember this from his or her undergraduate marketing classes.

    Mark Burton, Enactus’ CMO, is quoted as saying “Our organization is built around a core set of principles, rather than a specific formula.” And yet, the name confuses those principles. It conveys the impression that “us” is a principle we stand by, along with “entrepreneurial” and “action”. Of course it is not. That would be arrogant and elitist. Sadly, the name betrays the self-sacrificing mentality the organization prides its self on.

    Lest we not forget the name of this organization since inception was not SIFE, but, Students in Free Enterprise. SIFE was a catchy acronym that grew organically in its wake (a marketer’s dream). With Enactus, it feels as if the name has no meaning, and was instead pigeon-holed into an awkward-sounding acronym for branding sake.

    I cannot speculate how the final decision to take this name was reached, but I can say that the organization has now placed major hurdles in its path from a marketing and public relations perspective. SIFE (Enactus) students willingly sacrifice their time out of a love for improving lives and an understanding of delayed gratification. They are not financially compensated, but rewarded with a major leg up when they move on to the professional realm. It will take years, if not decades, before hiring managers recognize the Enactus name with the same clout as Students In Free Enterprise. 35+ years is a long time to build a brand.

    I hope Enactus’s leadership at least have an understanding of the changes they have made to the brand, and are willing to manage the effects to the benefit of its members.

  • Alexandra

    I love that we have the change to build on this new name. SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) has a pre-attached meaning to it that may, or may not have aligned with the projects and initiative lead by the teams.This new name allows us to CREATE the meaning and truly tailor it to reflect ourselves. Its going to be a challenge for all of us, and I will miss the SIFE name, but, I look forward to the opportunities it presents.

    We aren’t loosing our identity, as felt by some, but building on it.

    Good job Enactus!

  • Proud SIFE student

    I am actually sad that they changed the name. I can no longer say SIFE for LIFE and Enactus for life does not sound good. Not to mention the 1 syllable to 3 syllable transition is uncomfortable. What does it mean? Entrepreneurs + Action + Students? Sounds like there is a legal issue for using the SIFE brand that the public isn’t being told.

    I still admire the principles and values of the organization. But all my SIFE pins and resources, are now just memorabilia. Oh well, I hope it’s only the name that changed and hopefully the legacy is still strong. I’m glad I am a part of SIFE when it is still SIFE. Sorry to the kids who call themselves Enactus students 🙂

  • SIFE

    Dealing with Athlete’s Foot???, Get ENACTUS!!!!

  • Faith Tererai

    This name change is really hard for us to adapt to. I agree with my Fellow SIFErs in keeping SIFE alive as we lived it as lifestyle, we are proud to be called SIFErs. not only did we feel that we belonged as university students but it was very easy to sell a sife idea a student in free enterprise. As the Markerting officer of ENACTUS-TSiBA Education our general members and stakeholders are really having a tough time accepting the new name change and have many questions as to why scrap students in free
    enterprise? Is there no way that Enactus world wide can help us make this transition process much easier and student friendly?

  • Ruben Giron

    There was no need at all to change the name. Imagine that you’re in a project and the people from the community everyday you attend say “There come the guys from SIFE” and now you have to explain you’re not SIFE anymore, now you’re Enactus…what’s the need? None. And I agree with my other mates below when refering to the student element in the name, that was esential and now it’s over. I will always be a SIFEr.

  • Enterprise without Freedom is like a day without sunshine! Too bad you had to take the freedom out but not surprised!

  • Charlie Reeve

    Oh dear. Massive own-goal by changing the name. In my humble opinion it is ill judged and ill conceived. I see that Rohrs is trying to justify the name change against several well-intentioned criteria but when you apply the same criteria to the name SIFE, surely it was fit-for-purpose? I am a bit baffled and bemused. The name SIFE did exactly what it said on the tin…Students In Free Enterprise. Enactus says “damp squib”. Sorry to be so vitriolic.

  • Odd that no message was sent about this change, at least to the alumni. This feels more of a change for legal reasons. Perhaps SIFE got into trouble? Any other organisation which is based soley on its students efforts would do more to encorporate their say in a move such as this. I agree with others that this does sound like ‘inactive’ and it stinks.

  • Wade

    Enactus = horrible name. SIFE is the brand.

  • Deeno Nasir

    It’s amazing how we are making a big deal out of a little change, yet wherever we go, we introduce ourselves as CHANGE agents. A long time ago a group of business executives convened and established an organization called SIFE. About 40 years later, these executives that ran the organization since its birth, decide its time for expansion starting by a change of name. They must have a justification for whatever name they come up with. In any case, this organization achieved its success not because of the sound of its name but because of the spirit to achieve successful change shown by all stakeholders in the organization. Consider the most successful establishments in the world and you find out that the name of an organization hardly affects its success. What is the meaning of GOOGLE? What is YAHOO? APPLES and BERRIES used to be fruits. Left to me a Facebook should be a college graduation book. But no, they are all successful enterprises. I think at this point, we should focus more on promoting the new brand than wasting precious time complaining, because that’s not what we are known for. Proud to be an Enactor.

    • BUS 101

      Do you understand the basic business concept of building brand equity? Without some sort of institutional disaster (litigation and/or bankruptcy, for example), why would an organization “trash” almost forty years of brand equity? Does that make any sense whatsoever, especially in light of the considerable “downside” risk that stakeholders might refuse to accept the new brand? Las Vegas thrives on people who take such ridiculous risks!

  • Gio

    Hi Ma’am/Sir, just wanna ask this.. if what’s the real meaning of enactus? salamat po..

  • Fantasia

    this logo refer to what
    or why this new logo

  • gen

    How do I become a member?
    I know the school I go to has a team I just can not find a link to join it!
    Thank you!

  • Bolushbek Abdyjaparov

    LIke it or not the name has been changed without our consent. Anyways, it’s all about people, who do the job..

  • Michael

    A purely wrong headed move by leaders that have lost touch. Our campus, alumni, trustees, local community and donors all recognize and enthusiastically SIFE. Which is not an easy concept or organization to put across to people. Your rationale signals that the organizations is becoming more abstract, academic and disconnected from the reality of where people live their lives. This may rank right up there with “New Coke”. Who is driving this train (wreck)!!!


    I think the leaders of SIFE Worldwide were smoking a bit of green when they came up with this one.

  • For me i will not insult you as the others did. The name is great but has lost it focus. Some of us are in the polytechnics and how does the name ENACTUS relates to us. I think the name should involve all the tertiary students and not only the university students. Thanks. Team President TAKORADI POLYTECHNIC, GHANA, WESTERN REGION.

  • Joe

    I can’t say that I like this new name very much. The name, I believe, sounds more like something you would find in on of the grab bags at a Regional or National competition. Perhaps there could be some radical new method of operation that would build a stronger bond, with sponsors, but where does that leave the “Student?” Perhaps in the same place the the last acronym is. On a dusty shelf. What about the trophies?

  • Mike

    It is an amazing club!! I strongly recommend it for any business major. Especially if you need a resume filler

  • Amanda Harris

    I hate the new name, which sounds like a pharmaceutical for erectile disfunction, and the logo, which looks like a piece of origami. Why did you feel the need to change something that was clearly working??? SIFE has a meaning that needs no special interpretation: Students In Free Enterprise. You needed about two paragraphs to explain/justify Enactus, which is just a made up word. Dumb.

  • jackyturi usiu kenya

    i think that SIFE though i loved the name was basically outdated if you read its history it was basically formed to encourage free enterprise that is opening up of markets encouraging enterprenuership the world has already embraced enterprenuership markets are already opening up so generally the name lost its meaning we are faced with other problems how can we be able to create sustainable economys to input a sense of social perspective in how a business is run that,s what we are grappling with in the 21st century the name just signifies that . it is easy to be receptive to change but by embracing it we now prove to be real SIFERS dont be like the*boots*

  • Sorry, “Enactus,” but you’ll always be SIFE to me. This re-brand reminds me of the new GAP logo a while back. It wasn’t broken – why try to “fix” it?

  • CJ Rhoads

    Wrong, wrong, wrong. I can only think of a few mistakes in branding as bad as this one. Enactus sounds like some new-fangled prescription drug. Everyone knows my group as SIFE, and if we change names for our programs, we will lose our loyal corporate base who fund our projects. We don’t have 30 minutes to talk about the name change, or what Enactus stands for. We need continuity with our many past years of successful entrepreneurial programs.
    Plus – the new name doesn’t seem to be about students anymore. The new name doesn’t seem to be about communities anymore. Where’s the head for business? Where’s the heart for the world?
    Bad, bad, bad idea. I highly doubt if I’m going to be able to sell this name to my students – it’s probably the end of the organization at my University.


    I like the logo with 3 differently-sized arrow heads or triangles representing students, teachers and business leaders pointing in 3 directions — diagonally upwards to the right, horizontally to the right and vertically upward — all signifying movement, progress and positive growth from the negative side of the x and y axis of life in communities needing empowerment and improved lives through the positive power of business applied by the synergistic action of Enactus (formerly known as SIFE) PROJECT TEAMS. Enactus comes from the Latin word “actus” meaning “act, action, completion, perfection” and is a unique acronym for what our organization stands for — entrepreneurial action of university students.


    I think University Students includes college students already because a University student’s first year in University is at the College Level. SIFE has always considered college students inclusively as university students.

  • Moshe Seloko (Botswana)

    ENtrepreneurship Action by College, Tertiary and University Students ( Botswana)

  • Moshe Seloko (Botswana)

    I have been with SIFE since 2000, and it became part of us as members, easy to pronouce, write and say and now this…. This is a dis appointment. No consultation, yet SIFE preaches communication. From these comments i guess its all clear, ofcourse SIFE has more members that these comments, but i believe majority wouls prefer status quo. The world is brandin to suit international standard (easy pronounciations) eg COKE, NIKE, ADIDAS, NOKIA, YAHOO, and i thought SIFE was also on track, but from SIFE to ANACTUS, common, how do u expect nationas with clicking sounds to pronounce this word. Truly its like rebranding COKE to CRACKLICTUS. Its a mess.

  • Simon

    “Track us, back us, contact us, ENACT US”. We are having a top ten for ten ENACTUS leadership training in Nigeria right now with all Faculty Advisors participating. Quite difficult to sell the new name but not impossible to achieve. The origami concept for the logo is awesome.

  • Juan Lara

    I was parto of the SIFE 2003 competition in Mainz Germany, but i cant fint as much footage or pictures.. if anyone have somoe pics to share i was part of the Mexico Team!.

    Thank you all!!!..

  • why the F would they drop a brand that’s so well know throughout the world? That’s like throwing money down the drains. Roughly equivalent of Walmart changing their name to “cheaplot”, or Coca-cola changing its name to “Diabetus”

  • Chas21

    I’ve heard that “SIFE” had to go because of the reference to Free Enterprise. The sponsors and some host countries and universities are much more comfortable with crony capitalism and corporatism.

  • Bou

    Well I agree the name is not really what we would have dream of … Really we are SIFERS ! but are we really gonna focus on that only … ? if you think about what ever it is called… People who joined the adventure are still the same, let’s not let the rebranding weaken the spirit of Sife or whaetever you want to call it..
    Just saying…


    I hope this doesn’t change our mentality as SIFE/ENACTUS students. ‘SIFE’ has really come a long way and it will definitely shake us a lil adjusting to ‘ENACTUS’. i still believe its a move to make things better for ALL. Let’s Stay focus and NOT forget the essence of why WE are who we are.

  • Heather Benjamin

    Based on the commentary received, it does not appear that this new name for SIFE – STUDENTS In Free Enterprise – was very well received. As an Alumni of SIFE, I am very proud of the fact that it was SIFE that helped me obtain a career launching position after undergraduate graduation. It was SIFE that allowed me to demonstrate leadership skills and project innovations on a world stage. It was SIFE that I attribute a foundation of my success to. It is SIFE that helped make my univeristy a recognized contender. For over 40 years, SIFE has been recognized by Executives world wide as developing educated, career focused, driven, and talented students who are the top echelon of resources available for hire. SIFE was recognized. This new name is awkard, and needs to be explained. Changing the name, wipes the past away as now it has to be explained. Resume: Member of Enactus. What is that? Where did the global recognition go?? Bring SIFE back to LIFE.

  • I don’t think it was necessary to re-brand as Enactus, at least that is my initial view. SIFE was a clear and better name, in my opinion. It would have been good if they had consulted with more people (especially the students!) before going ahead with this strange decision… There was nothing wrong with SIFE… anyways, maybe they will consider changing it back.

  • Jack

    This was a hijack of an organization devoted to teaching free enterprise to make it someone’s social experiment.