Enactus Summer Camp in Kazakhstan Teaches Business, Networking

Enactus Summer Camp in Kazakhstan Teaches Business, Networking
August 29, 2014 Student Activities 1 comment

Enactus Kazakhstan hosted the Enactus Kazakhstan Summer Camp from 13 August to 17 August at Kargaly village in Southeast Kazakhstan. Enactus members received training and mentoring opportunities from business leaders in Kazakhstan.

Over 300 people representing 38 universities attended the event, including schools from Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan.

During the five day summer camp, business leaders spoke and offered guidance for students. The community in Kazakhstan was very supportive of the summer camp. The business leaders with whom students networked will make useful contacts for the future and offered knowledge about professional and personal development.


Students led presentations, discussed their projects, watched intellectually stimulating movies and enjoyed a culture fair featuring all of the foreign delegates. There was even karaoke, a hipster-themed party and a Gatsby-themed party.

The event was organized by the Enactus Kazakhstan national office and the board of directors for the organization. It was also supported by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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  • Zhalil Zhukenov

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