Tunisia Tunisia


Founded 2008

  • Tunisia

    Capital City: Tunis
    Population: 10,800,000
    GDP: 45,864,000,000 USD

  • 11 Teams

  • 275 Students

  • 19 Projects

  • 24,375 Hours Volunteered

National Competition Highlights


2014 National Champion

Institute of Higher Commercial Studies of Carthage

2015 National Competition

Date: 25 June, 2014
City: Tunis

Active Teams

  • ESPRIT University
  • Higher Institute of Commerce and Accountancy of Bizerte ISCCB
  • Higher Institute of Computer Science of El Manar ISI
  • Higher Institute of Technological Studies In Communications of Tunis ISET'COM
  • Higher School of Fine Arts of Tunis ISBAT
  • Higher School of Human Applied Studies of El Kef ISEAH le Kef
  • Institute of Higher Commercial Studies of Carthage IHEC
  • National Engineering School of Tunis ENIT
  • National Engineering School of Monastir ENIM
  • National Engineering School of Rural Equipment of Mjez El Bab ESIER
  • National Engineering School of Sfax ENIS
  • National Higher School of Engenirees of Tunis ENSIT
  • SESAME University
  • Tunisia Polytechnic School EPT

Board of Directors

Khaled Zribi – Chairman
Chairman, Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants
Mohamed Néjib Marouane
Membre de la DG d'Attijari Bank, chargé du capital, Attijari Bank
Monia Jegurim Essaidi
General Manager, SOCOTEX
Najla Chaar
Communication Director, OOREDOO
Sami Chahed
Tunisia Franchise Manager, The Coca-Cola Company Tunisia