Welcome Enactus Students!#seeopportunity

This Campus Resources Center provides the tools you need to promote your Enactus team on campus. We’ve created a campaign to help you increase awareness of Enactus on campus and help you recruit new members. This campaign is built upon the notion that Enactus members have a special ability to see opportunity where others may not readily see it. It is a trait that has sparked thousands of projects and will lead to thousands more.

The campaign materials leverage real Enactus projects, including yours, and prompt passersby with the question, “what do you see? An everyday occurrence, or an opportunity?” By asking the students where they see interesting opportunities we can help seek out potential Enactus members while letting the rest of the campus community know that Enactus is about seeing opportunity, taking action and enabling progress.

To get started, watch the informational video above for an overview of the campaign. Then download the Campaign Instructions document below to understand how to use all of the elements of the campaign on your campus.

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  • Campaign Instructions PDF
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  • Informational Video MP4
  • Transcript for TranslationPDF

Case Study Videos

A key element of this campaign is a case study video that showcases how an ordinary thing, such as an oyster shell, can give rise to community-wide opportunities. This video provides a great illustration of how Enactus teams enable progress through entrepreneurial action. We also encourage you to make your own case study videos to show the specific opportunities your Enactus team has uncovered. It’s easy with the iMovie timeline and other assets we’ve provided below. Use these videos anywhere you have exposure to prospective students such as classroom presentations, informational meetings or social media.

  • Oyster Shell Case Study
  • Video MP4
  • Instructions PDF
  • Transcript PDF
  • Create Your Own
  • Assets and Instructions ZIP


Posters will play an integral part in the execution of this campaign and are a great way to get a lot of coverage on campus. We’ve provided four different types of posters, some that are more general and some that highlight Enactus case studies. You should use a mix of all four types. Each is available in a variety of easy-to-print sizes. We have also supplied templates so that you can showcase your own team’s projects. Select the appropriate file type to be edited in any of these software programs readily available on campus—any version of Adobe InDesign, any version of Microsoft Publisher or Adobe Acrobat X.


Not a Club

New Business Partners


Oyster Shell





Create Your Own


It can be difficult to gain the attention of prospective students on campus. We have provided you with a range of interruptive, on-campus stunt ideas that will help your team get attention and generate buzz. You can also create your own based upon your project stories using the same software referenced in the Posters section.

Idea Board Installations

Getting prospective students to interact with Enactus is a great way to get them engaged and inspired to join. We have created these interactive idea board installations that will allow students not only to ponder big ideas but to share them with others. The installations are designed to highlight opportunities identified by Enactus teams by engaging prospective members with a question: “What do you see?” Again, you can use the standard case studies we’ve provided or create your own using the same software referenced in the Posters section.






Create Your Own

Mirror Decals

Targeting people in unexpected ways is always a great method to get your message across. To that end, we have provided you with mirror decals that get students to consider what they are truly capable of while on their simple trip to the restroom. You can edit the files as necessary using the same software referenced in the Posters section.


Getting information into the hands of the student body isn’t always easy, especially when there’s so much information distributed on campus. We have provided you with a couple of nontraditional options that are small and designed to be easy for the prospective student to slip in their pocket rather than throw away. These useful tools support your students and other installations. You can edit them as necessary using the same software referenced in the Posters section.

Business Card

Origami Handout

Social Media

Social media is a popular medium, especially among students. When harnessed well it can be an effective tool in reaching a wide audience. Here we have suggested a few ways to encourage discussion of the opportunities that exist in your community. Download the assets below and check the Campaign Instructions to learn how to spread the word about Enactus. Be sure to add the #seeopportunity hashtag when posting your team’s campaign materials, photos, videos and stunts to the social media site you use the most!

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  • 403px x 403px “What Do You See?” Images ZIP

Other Resources

Use these additional resources to help bring the Enactus brand to life on your campus effectively.

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  • Powerpoint Template ZIP
  • Powerpoint Instructions PDF
  • Press Release ZIP
  • Sign Up Sheet PDF
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  • Manifesto Poster PDF
  • Brand Video MP4
  • Call to Action Video MP4
  • Call to Action Brochure PDF